Content Marketers, Small Businesses, How Are You Dealing With Obamacare?

Content marketers, the President, and the tax man are all on a collision course as governments try to dig in the pockets of the public to pay for unpopular debts and provisions. We ask, how is the small business community coping with the new America?

Kari DePhillips of Content Factory interview on the Schiff Report

Kari is no one special. She’s a blogger and freelancer from humble beginnings, made some success, and is now a growing part of the new generation of digital small businesses. The way she grows her business affects workers who want to make a living in New Media.

Content marketing specialists also need to consider Obamacare costs and government regulations because the rest of the small to mid sized business community will be deciding how best to implement your talents into their business plans going into 2014.

As the Merchant, I have some experience with the underground economy.

I deal with a lot of people who cannot live properly in the current system. I know what you’re thinking, but not many criminals. Small business, students, unemployed, there’s so many innocent shades of grey.

They suffer the trickle down effects of global money mismanagement.

Every move I make is pretty hard to do, always conscious of costs and accountability to aggressive government regulations. And I’m just one guy. I can only imagine the web of worries employers have .

I want to hear YOU

It needs to be discussed at some point, so why not here?

How is Obamacare and government regulations affecting your content marketing and/or small businesses in your community?


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