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WordPressA good wordpress theme can take a business a LONG way online. It's a standard now that design and business go together. There's going to the deli for your coffee in a paper cup, and then there's boutique $10 hipster coffery. I hate that example, but you get the point. And in the last 30 days or so, Re-Theme Change has been in the air.

I wondered ...

How do you find your theme?

You should try to identify your theme before you ever start looking for a WordPress theme. It's a healthy exercise that impacts your blog at some point.

It's like having a sense of fashion. Who you are eventually informs what you wear.

On the other hand, businesses are likely to change up their image more often than ever.

In a sense I always had a theme

I was never going to be a Tedster. I'm not the guy you pay much attention to. I'm not the guru in 1970's California you sit for hours and hang on every word. I'm not a bald man with all the right ideas. Or the college boy with a funny hairdo.

No, the Merchant is the fruit of American labor, the vivid thoughts of an urban treasure hunter, the content of a certain capitalist attitude. What I post is merely charged ions cascading around the internet.

My posts on business are too abstract for a typical wordpress theme, but enough to connect a few minds and bend the web my way.

I used to use Twenty Ten

twentyten, wordpress themes, blog design

As simple as it was, it was still too much. So I delved into geeky world of child themes and PHP functions and conditional statements.

As soon as I understood a little bit of editing, forget about it, I thought I could start designing entire new democracies. It must have been what Obama felt when he got into social media.

I'd probably be a pretty good theme builder if I had some more monthly income and a bit more patience. I'm more like the rough n' tough DIY guy now. I throw the hammer at everything.

Now I have what amounts to a Tumblr

merchant of new york city

Except better. One because it's mine, and two because it's completely WordPress powered. I'm not tied up on Tumblr's platform.

Tumblr is big, but it's like a suburban mall of teenagers. I know content sharing technologies will catch up soon and put WordPress platform blogs on Times Square status. I have no problem waiting that out.

6 DIY sites for the theme hacker in you

In case you want to get a little crazy:

  1. Design Is Philosophy
  2. Line 25
  3. WP Beginner
  4. Template Monster
  5. WP Snacks
  6. WPMU

Careful. Theme hacking is one of those "little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing" type situations. It's like I tell a lot of women, don't worry so much about your looks. Just get the job done. I beg you ,if you go off on your own, smarty pants ... please ... have small theme editing goals, meet them, and get back to blogging. Fast.

Sites that have gone for the redux

The past month or so saw a spike in rebrands, new blog themes, and new looks for old sites. I saw everything from new logos to new user interface, new attitudes and new outlooks on blogging. Rapid changes abound.

New Theme: Twenty Twelve — Blog —

Say hello to the new default WordPress theme for 2012. Twenty Twelve is an elegant, readable, and fully responsive theme that makes your site content look its best on any device. A key component of this theme is a special ...

It`s Time for Change: A New Look for Lifehack


Today Lifehack launches its new look, making significant design changes across the board.

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages


LinkedIn believes this new look and feel makes it easier for companies to tell their employer story and make the job hunt process more personalized for job seekers. Here is a picture of the new design: Related Topics: ...

Reimagining The GetResponse Brand | Email Marketing Tips – Blog ...


By these elements combined, our designers breathed life and symmetry into our new logo: GetResponse new logo. Our colors have also changed to give our brand a fresh, new look: GetResponse new color scheme … and we've even ...

ReTheme Change On Twitter

Even us little guys, the users of some of these big brands, couldn't help but ride with the sea changes. All kinds of bloggers were flashing their new looks.


You can now check out the new minimal theme on my blog. I am so proud of the cinematic gif in the header. It's...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 11:24:59 PM


New article about my upcoming theme!

Take a look! #Wordpresstheme #wordpress #responsive

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 3:52:03 PM


Totally digging the new theme look I set up over on my blog...very me I think. Makes me smile! Makes for a better Monday too :)

Monday, September 10, 2012 10:52:40 AM


Just updated my blog with some new theme :) Looking better everyday. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Monday, September 10, 2012 11:34:15 AM

Friendly neighborhood theme developers

You might hate DIY, it might make more business sense to go ahead and plunk down the cash for decent web design. Anything from a shape up, to a full fledged website build is a good investment, you can't go wrong. As long you deal with good people. Here's a few I found.


Brick Road Media, WordPress Web Developer

You might not be surprised to see me link this team, you might recognize someone on it. But let the portfolio speak for itself, though.


Thesis web design, dick low, vancouver web design

This referral comes from Robin J Elliott from the Dollarmakers business group. Member and designer, Dick Low, helped me see my Cpanel stats which led me to view my blog with a more keen eye.

Go Creative Go!

"They do great work. They have designed my site:" - Dorien Morin-van Dam

Anyway the theme blows

When you've got the right WordPress design, it impacts the way you blog and what you put out there. Always put your best foot forward. If you're stuck blogging, maybe even before you begin, it's the feminine part of you saying "it's the outfit" or, "it's the wordpress theme, stupid!". Consider a re-theme change, the whole world's doin' it.

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