Cheat Sheet for WP Users: 3-Steps to Stay Away From BotNet

You must have felt excited and rejuvenated on adopting WordPress for your Website. It is obvious to be excited on setting up an apt website in few minutes. Undoubtedly, you would have mastered this tool for high-end virtual presentation of your business organization. You would also have loved the drag & drop feature and grabbed the attention of millions of social networkers in Facebook as well as in Twitter with its social media integration feature.

But, Have you taken all the measures to keep your site away from unethical hacking attempts?

Many of you will say no to this question and that can be a deathblow to your virtual presence. In last few days, it has been found that a large group of unethical hackers is trying to turn WordPress into a “BotNet”. Considerably, the word “Botnet” comes from two different words called “Robot” and “Network”. Therefore, a network multiple computing devices becomes a powerful weapon for hackers, when they work as correspondence devices for a single program to perform similar tasks. By turning WP into a BotNet, hackers can simply hack WP sites one by one and use millions of IP addresses without any possible hurdles.

In last two days, 90000 IP addresses are being used to brute force crack administrative credentials of WordPress sites. Considerably, WP is the globally spanned and most used CMS tool. Its powerful features have increased the demands of WordPress Programmers for WordPress CMS development. However, risks are still there with this open source tool. So, if you are using this tool and want to stay away with affects of “BotNet” then you can use below given cheat sheet.

Using Obvious Passwords is Insanity

Yeah! It is true. You should never use obvious words as the passwords to your WordPress dashboard. Unethical hackers are very smart and proactive in their job; they analyze the pattern of passwords, used by WordPress users as administrative credentials. Later on, they establish a logical reasoning to unlock the mindsets of WP users, especially in case of creating admin credentials. Therefore, you should never use a single obvious word as your password like Ilove, Ihateyou, Jesus, business, technology, and innovation. These pass codes are like open invitation for hackers.

Trash Your Admin

Usually, WP site owners use “Admin” as their default user profiles. It gives an easy access to hackers in WP dashboards. Therefore, you should create a new user with admin privileges. Further, you should login in your site and delete the ‘admin’ user forever.

Use Two Way Authentication Process

In case, you are using a account then you can easily use two way authentication process that will keep your site secured from hacking bots.

Keep Your Site Updated

Your site must be updated with the latest version of WordPress. The latest version comes with added security measures to insure your site from probable security breaches.

By following the tricks given in this cheat sheet, you can easily secure your site from the alarming dangers of BotNet.

Author bio - Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with Offshore wordpress development at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various wordpress web technology blogs.

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