The 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

Many WordPress bloggers and web publishers spend so much time going through various plugins, installing and removing them, trying them out and then changing them later, and so on. Finding the best and most useful WordPress plugins can be a taxing and challenging task....

Sending Encrypted Email From WordPress

One of the primary functions of many business sites is gathering leads and inquiries using forms. There are many plugins available that make this possible, including the popular Contact Form 7, most themes provide contact forms of some sort, and WordPress has built-in...

Bring Google Authorship To Your WordPress Site

SEO is changing. Gone are the days of ranking signals that are easy to game with keyword stuffing and dubious link building tactics. The advent of semantic search is bringing huge changes to the SERPs and the mechanisms that Google uses to populate them. If you’re...

Cheat Sheet for WP Users: 3-Steps to Stay Away From BotNet

You must have felt excited and rejuvenated on adopting WordPress for your Website. It is obvious to be excited on setting up an apt website in few minutes. Undoubtedly, you would have mastered this tool for high-end virtual presentation of your business organization....

Thesis 2 Theme – A Review & Overview

The WordPress Theme Thesis 2 has been out for around 10 days and is still without any formal documentation or help notes (at the time of writing this) although the forum is quite good at answering questions. The trouble is once you upload Thesis 2 and hit the activate...

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