The 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

Many WordPress bloggers and web publishers spend so much time going through various plugins, installing and removing them, trying them out and then changing them later, and so on. Finding the best and most useful WordPress plugins can be a taxing and challenging task. Well, don’t you worry. We’ve made it easy for you! We compiled our very own list of the most valuable plugins that WordPress publishers like you will surely love and greatly benefit from. 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast Number one on our list is this free SEO plugin which is highly utilized by many for good reason. With this plugin, you can easily manage categories, tags, and meta titles and descriptions for each post and for every page of your website. It even allows for custom descriptions that you can use for Google+ and Facebook. 2. Akismet Every blogger, web publisher, and web administrator encounters the problem of spamming. If you’re still an apprentice to WordPress, you probably haven’t had a taste of the worst case scenarios yet when it comes to receiving spam comments. So get rid of them through this user-friendly, free plugin. Akismet will surely keep out these no-nonsense prowlers. 3. Digg Digg All the top Internet gurus recommend this plugin for a WordPress website. Have you ever read a blog post with a floating box on the side that had the logos or icons of different social media sites? That’s thanks to Digg Digg, which enables your readers or users to quickly like or share your content. 4. Backup WordPress Are you 100% sure you’re not going to lose any of...

Sending Encrypted Email From WordPress

One of the primary functions of many business sites is gathering leads and inquiries using forms. There are many plugins available that make this possible, including the popular Contact Form 7, most themes provide contact forms of some sort, and WordPress has built-in email capability. However, as anyone who keeps abreast of tech news knows, email is not a secure method of communication. In fact, email is insecure by design: it was never intended to be a secure and attempts to make it secure are largely bolted-on remedies that don’t work very well. Services like Gmail provide moderate levels of security by encrypting the connection between client and server, but, because most email servers around the world are incapable of handling encrypted email, everything sent outside of GMail is transmitted unencrypted, and, of course, emails are not encrypted when they are on Google’s servers. For many businesses, secure communication is essential, both because of security and privacy concerns and for regulatory compliance. For such companies, the standard WordPress email system is not adequate, but fortunately there is a WordPress plugin that allows companies to integrate content forms that send emails that have been encrypted using OpenPGP. Understanding OpenPGP OpenPGP is a set of standards for public-key cryptography. Public-key cryptography is a method of encryption which relies on a key-pair which consists of a public and a private key. Information is encrypted using the public key, which, as the name suggests, is distributed publicly. That data can only be decrypted using the private key, which is kept secret. In this way, data can be sent securely from a sender to...

Bring Google Authorship To Your WordPress Site

SEO is changing. Gone are the days of ranking signals that are easy to game with keyword stuffing and dubious link building tactics. The advent of semantic search is bringing huge changes to the SERPs and the mechanisms that Google uses to populate them. If you’re attentive to the results that Google returns, you’ll have noticed the effects of some of these changes. Many searches now return results in the form of a carousel across the top of the page and/or the ‘knowledge graph’ to the left of the page. These changes are the result of advances in the sophistication of Google’s ability to determine what the content of web pages mean and the authority that they carry. It’s a trend that will continue into the future. As Google strives to get better at understanding what searchers mean and match that intent with richer search results, the company is paying very close attention to meaning and to authority. One of the ways in which it is likely that Google will be determining authority in the future concerns authorship. While it’s clear that Google aren’t using authorship as a ranking signal at the moment (although there’s fairly furious debate about this in the SEO world), it’s a safe bet that in the future, authorship will become important. Google Authorship is a means of providing Google with information about who originated a particular piece of content. As things stand, even though it’s probably not used for ranking in the majority of the SERPs, it does bring with it a major benefit in that the rich snippets and the headshot that accompanies...

Cheat Sheet for WP Users: 3-Steps to Stay Away From BotNet

You must have felt excited and rejuvenated on adopting WordPress for your Website. It is obvious to be excited on setting up an apt website in few minutes. Undoubtedly, you would have mastered this tool for high-end virtual presentation of your business organization. You would also have loved the drag & drop feature and grabbed the attention of millions of social networkers in Facebook as well as in Twitter with its social media integration feature. But, Have you taken all the measures to keep your site away from unethical hacking attempts? Many of you will say no to this question and that can be a deathblow to your virtual presence. In last few days, it has been found that a large group of unethical hackers is trying to turn WordPress into a “BotNet”. Considerably, the word “Botnet” comes from two different words called “Robot” and “Network”. Therefore, a network multiple computing devices becomes a powerful weapon for hackers, when they work as correspondence devices for a single program to perform similar tasks. By turning WP into a BotNet, hackers can simply hack WP sites one by one and use millions of IP addresses without any possible hurdles. In last two days, 90000 IP addresses are being used to brute force crack administrative credentials of WordPress sites. Considerably, WP is the globally spanned and most used CMS tool. Its powerful features have increased the demands of WordPress Programmers for WordPress CMS development. However, risks are still there with this open source tool. So, if you are using this tool and want to stay away with affects of “BotNet” then you...

Thesis 2 Theme – A Review & Overview

The WordPress Theme Thesis 2 has been out for around 10 days and is still without any formal documentation or help notes (at the time of writing this) although the forum is quite good at answering questions. The trouble is once you upload Thesis 2 and hit the activate button you are dealing with a completely different 'monster' than you are used to with WordPress themes. This one has skins and packages and boxes and all kinds of strange and wonderful things to contend with and so I thought I would take the time to add a few quick Thesis 2 tips to help you get started. So what makes Thesis 2 so different? Well, instead of buying a WordPress theme you get to build your own; your very own dream ‘home’ on the web. Rather than putting up with the design and ideas of another person and moulding your blog, images, text and video around their theme you get to sit and design your own theme. Every page on a blog from the blog post to the 404 error page and even what your tag archive page looks like has to be built from scratch. They can all look exactly the same or you can make each page completely different. If you are looking for someone to put your blog up for you I can help. I sat down on Saturday October 6th at 10am and I went to bed at 2am. Fed the kids fish and chips and only stood up every couple of hours to walk on the spot and get my circulation going, plus toilet...

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