It’s Time to get Profesh


Guest Post by Lauren Bailey If you’ve just graduated from college, Congratulations! You’re probably looking for a job, buying your first suit or slinging drinks hoping that one day your liberal arts degree will come in handy. In any case, your days of all-nighters (of both studying and partying) will soon become a fuzzy memory of “the good ol’ days” before your student loans needed to be repaid and before you became cannon fodder in an entry-level position. Transitions are hard, … [Read more...]

How To Be Legally Blonde (And Avoid Arrest)


 Jenna Jameson certainly couldn't get away with it, she took her personal brand behind bars. Got herself on the hook for a possible DUI. Well, I thought you could use a crazy powerful insight into the link between personal branding and the law so you don't go crashing your business into a tree. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing I once encountered a group of what some people would like to call "rebels". They were in possession of specific information that showed how everything in … [Read more...]

You Don’t Know Who You Really Are, Do You?

personal branding

Ready for more personal branding after the Facebook IPO bonanza? Did you marry Marky Zuck so you can make off like a Madoff for the prenup? If not, it's time to focus, damnit! I have been fixin' to publish a long follow up post for you. I was ready to give you an epic post, building on this grand idea I've had about personal branding. This is not that post. I wasn't lying, though. You're in a commercial system. I promised I'd follow up to show you how personal branding is in the Law of the … [Read more...]

Powers That Be And Personal Branding


Personal branding's the big story on Blogsuccess right now, so let's talk about it. As contributor, I feel an urge to support our friend-in-blogging, Nancy Marmolejo in her time of re-branding. What better way to do that than with related content? It's time to lift the veil a little, and share my own branding and rebranding experiences. I never really get to talk about The Merchant of New York City. Few people are ever really interested. I'm not one to brag so having a subject like personal … [Read more...]

The Secret Message: Go With Plan B


As I go through this public rebranding for my business and professional identity, I find myself the recipient of Secret Messages. These Secret Messages tend to pop up in various and random ways, sometimes via Eddie Vedder, sometimes in the form of amazingly smart children. They are the ingredients to this rebranding Stone Soup I have cooking up. Keep adding stuff in, and I guarantee you it's going to be a tasty treat once it's done. This week's Secret Message is "Go With Plan B" Last week … [Read more...]

Caine’s Arcade – I Want The Fun Pass!


This viral video has been warming hearts left and right around the globe, including mine. In fact, the first time I saw it I got a little choked up. Tears of joy welled up, along with feelings that this world is a great place  and the knowing that children  hold hope for us all. So we've got this sweet little boy named Caine. He's spending the summer hanging out in his dad's used auto parts store in East LA. Caine takes a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and turns them into an arcade. But not … [Read more...]

Rebranding is Not for The Weak or Faint of Heart


Rebranding Is Not For the Weak or Faint of Heart. It takes stamina to go through this process, especially when you're reinventing yourself online and offline. Today I wanted to share a bit about my source of strength on the physical side that helps me hunker down on the mental side of things. A couple times a week I go workout in a martial arts gym in downtown Anaheim, CA. Parking is next door in the Northgate Mexican Market lot. You sometimes have to walk past a guy asking for money on … [Read more...]

Your Personal Brand Might Be Right Under Your Nose- or from Eddie Vedder


In this public tweaking of my personal brand, I've found that little messages are popping up in unexpected places JUST FOR ME. Yes, perhaps there's a woo-woo element here or perhaps an elaborate conspiracy a la Davinci Code, but everywhere I turn there seems to be a message related to this personal branding - rebranding process. I wouldn't have teamed up Eddie Vedder, Rascal Flats, and St. Francis as the squad to deliver me insights into branding and where I need to go for answers, but for … [Read more...]

What Jay-Z Can Teach You About Blogging


In April of 2011, hip hop artist extraordinaire Jay-Z launched his blog, Life + Times. Now why would a mogul worth $475 million start a blog? Simple. He realizes that a blog is a phenomenal medium to share what's on your mind. After all, that's the core purpose of a blog. Everybody has opinions on things that interest them. Everybody has something of value to provide in whatever they're passionate about. A blog gives you the platform to do just that. Life + Times With his blog, Jay-Z is … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Rebrand: Watch It As It Happens


Since 2003, I've used online marketing to sell my services as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs wanting to position themselves as sought after, recognized experts in their fields. It's a great business, it's profitable, and I've created a name for myself in online marketing. But... one day last fall I had this FEELING. Something was amiss. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but for some reason my business didn't excite me in the way it used to. I got on the phone with my friend Andy, … [Read more...]