You Don’t Know Who You Really Are, Do You?

Ready for more personal branding after the Facebook IPO bonanza? Did you marry Marky Zuck so you can make off like a Madoff for the prenup? If not, it's time to focus, damnit! I have been fixin' to publish a long follow up post for you. I was ready to give you an epic post, building on this grand idea I've had about personal branding. This is not that post. I wasn't lying, though. You're in a commercial system. I promised I'd follow up to show you how personal branding is in the Law of the land. That if you saw it in such a definitive light, you'd have access to real business power. But I have to keep to my own code and continue on with this support for Nancy Marmolejo and her rebranding series. That means sharing a good story. This one goes great with the Eddie Veder post. The other night I remembered something while prepping this long and drawn out post about outlandish ideas about the legal structure of the United States. It was right under my nose and it set me straight, quickly. I'm NOT a writer That's pretty important to remember as long as I'm, oh you know ... blogging!? Sujeiry Gonzalez is a writer. Oh hell yea. She's the Looove Chica. She's handing out her book to ALL the single ladies (like the song). And if she had her way, she'd have Oprah writing the foreword and everything. I'm so glad I follow her to remind myself that she is full on W-R-I-T-E-R. I'm not. I'm the Merchant. Yea, I put words...

Powers That Be And Personal Branding

Personal branding's the big story on Blogsuccess right now, so let's talk about it. As contributor, I feel an urge to support our friend-in-blogging, Nancy Marmolejo in her time of re-branding. What better way to do that than with related content? It's time to lift the veil a little, and share my own branding and rebranding experiences. I never really get to talk about The Merchant of New York City. Few people are ever really interested. I'm not one to brag so having a subject like personal branding seems like a good channel to open up about it. Let's jump into it. Years ago, I acquired resources to help me really understand this thing we call commerce. And what I discovered is a system (I use that term loosely) underlying every bit and byte of business. Understanding it puts a person in such a powerful position, you'd swear it's a conspiracy that few people know about it. What does this have to do with personal branding? Now, let's be careful. I can easily take you so far down the rabbit hole, I can lose you. Let's tread lightly and if you'd like to hear more, well, I guess I'll have more content ahead of me later by the tone of your comments. Personal branding is one of those subtle subjects that seem like a simple idea. So simple, that it can be wished away as unimportant, or be made into a hot button issue in the corporate world. And then there are times when it becomes a real genuine concern for the individual. The internet, aided by social media,...

Caine’s Arcade – I Want The Fun Pass!

This viral video has been warming hearts left and right around the globe, including mine. In fact, the first time I saw it I got a little choked up. Tears of joy welled up, along with feelings that this world is a great place and the knowing that children hold hope for us all. So we've got this sweet little boy named Caine. He's spending the summer hanging out in his dad's used auto parts store in East LA. Caine takes a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and turns them into an arcade. But not just a pint sized arcade, but an entire front-of-the-store arcade. Kids with cardboard boxes... the possibilities are endless. But then this young filmmaker came by the store, saw the ingenuity in Caine's efforts, and... watch the video to get the rest of the story. Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo. I relate to Caine. He's creative, inventive, risk taking yet tender hearted. He moved forward with his ideas but also kept a part guarded, needing assurance that it was safe for him to show up in this way. The flash mob you'll see in this video are, in my opinion, a band of angels watching over Caine and giving him the assurance to keep moving. To keep going. Never quit. All of you reading this post are my band of angels during this public rebranding effort. --- Check out the other articles in Nancy's public rebranding...

Your Personal Brand Might Be Right Under Your Nose- or from Eddie Vedder

In this public tweaking of my personal brand, I've found that little messages are popping up in unexpected places JUST FOR ME. Yes, perhaps there's a woo-woo element here or perhaps an elaborate conspiracy a la Davinci Code, but everywhere I turn there seems to be a message related to this personal branding - rebranding process. I wouldn't have teamed up Eddie Vedder, Rascal Flats, and St. Francis as the squad to deliver me insights into branding and where I need to go for answers, but for whatever reason they all spoke to me last week. Here's an impromptu video connecting the dots around creativity, digging deeper and even...

Online Marketing Rebrand: Watch It As It Happens

Since 2003, I've used online marketing to sell my services as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs wanting to position themselves as sought after, recognized experts in their fields. It's a great business, it's profitable, and I've created a name for myself in online marketing. But... one day last fall I had this FEELING. Something was amiss. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but for some reason my business didn't excite me in the way it used to. I got on the phone with my friend Andy, who for all intensive purposes can be called an intuitive business genius, and she nailed it. “You’re not having fun in your business. I can tell. Maybe others can’t tell, but I can tell. What are you going to do about that?” Andy has known me since the horse and buggy days of my online marketing life, so her honest feedback was well received. “I’m not having fun? Sure I am…” (first response: DENIAL) “No, you’re not”, she replied. “How can you tell?” (second response: FIND A WAY OUT- DISCREDIT THE SOURCE!) “I can tell”, she answered. And she really didn’t need to say any more. She nailed it. I wasn’t having fun and rightly so. It was at that moment that I realized I needed to change something in my business. My personal life was going through HUGE changes at this time. My marriage had broken up after many years of challenges. I moved. I reconnected with someone from my past. I rebooted my life with a newfound enthusiasm. I was working out after many years of adrenal exhaustion. And yet, with...

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