It’s Time to get Profesh

Guest Post by Lauren Bailey If you’ve just graduated from college, Congratulations! You’re probably looking for a job, buying your first suit or slinging drinks hoping that one day your liberal arts degree will come in handy. In any case, your days of all-nighters (of...

How To Be Legally Blonde (And Avoid Arrest)

 Jenna Jameson certainly couldn’t get away with it, she took her personal brand behind bars. Got herself on the hook for a possible DUI. Well, I thought you could use a crazy powerful insight into the link between personal branding and the law so you don’t...

You Don't Know Who You Really Are, Do You?

Ready for more personal branding after the Facebook IPO bonanza? Did you marry Marky Zuck so you can make off like a Madoff for the prenup? If not, it’s time to focus, damnit! I have been fixin’ to publish a long follow up post for you. I was ready to give...

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