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Title: Advance way to improve memory. Functioning of brain is very complex which is not easy for a lay man to understand. It comprise of many functions whose proper functioning plays a crucial in the smooth functioning of the CNS ( Central nervous system) which control the various body functions. Memory loss is one such thing that occurs in humans due to several reasons. In some individuals, it could be normal while in some individuals, loss of memory can occur because of the progressing age or because of suffering from major medical conditions. By finding out the exact nature, it becomes possible to deal with it wherein memory can be improved and made sharp. Improving Memory In order to find out how to improve memory, various effective measures could be adopted. Some useful tips and suggestions are as under: 1) Intake of Vitamin rich Supplements – Intake of useful vitamins is good to improve memory in humans. In most of the medicine shops, vitamin rich brain function supplements are sold that can be bought by showing doctor’s prescription. For example, vitamin B6 and B12 supplement. 2) Try to Stay Active – In order to develop one’s memory, it is important to live an active life. By this, it is suggested to perform great activities on regular basis so that the human brain remains active and works well to have good functioning. Besides, moderated exercising can be performed to stay healthy and physically fit. 3) Playing Memory Games – plenty of memory games can be played by people of all age group for whom specifically designed memory improvement games are...

Key considerations when designing your electronic device labels

While a manufacturer will usually be most concerned with what is going on on the inside of an electronic device, the user will generally only interact with the outside - that is why it is important to think carefully about the design. When putting together a new device, you can add industrial labels to the object to make it clear how to use it and any other vital information But for the team designing this user-facing interface, it can be difficult to know exactly what to include and what can simply be listed within the user manual. The European Commission has clear directives about what must be included, but an experienced label manufacturer will be able to advise on what else can be included, for the user’s benefit. Below are five considerations that the design team can use to make sure an electronic device can be used easily and correctly: Usability - Logically, one of the most important factors in your design is making sure it is clear to your users how to operate the device, whether that is consumer electronics or a crucial piece of factory machinery. It is best to base your user interface on established systems - i.e. there are certain icons that are generally understood - but is also fine to make a few 'shifts', as long as they are relatively intuitive. Even if a theoretical model looks good, makes sure you undertake actual testing. Safety - While overall usability is a prime consideration, this should be based on a firm understanding of what information users need to know in order to use the device...

African American Wigs for a Chic Look

African culture is known to develop unique hair statements due to their love and affection towards tresses. African American wigs are an ultimate accessory for today’s women to alter their hairstyle as often as desired. These add-ons allow you to express yourself with textures and styles that reflect the real magnificence of your personality. Braids, ponytails and dreadlocks are a few popular hairstyles now days. Be it a party, a meeting, a holiday, or even on daily basis, these wigs allow you to create diverse hairstyles at every occasion without spending huge hours. For those with thin tresses due to a certain medical conditions, wearing hairpieces is an excellent option to bring back the lost confidence. Moreover, if you have rough or dull tufts, choosing a stylish wig can impart the everlasting shine that you have been longing for. Different varieties in human and synthetic hair wigs including front lace and half wigs are available these days. Always select a product that holds good quality and is efficiently manufactured to attain a more realistic appearance. Although human hair are considered more beneficial as they are made from natural hair and imparts an organic look but synthetic hair can also give you a natural feel at much lower costs. With the latest trends and technologies, wigs are designed in such a way that they do not cause any burden on your head. The efficient designing ensures proper ventilation through breathable pores so that you do not feel hot while wearing. Another added benefit is that you can use them as per your need. These can be curled, straightened, or can...

Anonymous social network for real friends.

There are a lot of things that people can’t say to each other. For example, a girl can’t tell her friend that her red shoes don’t match her yellow dress, a husband can’t say to his wife that she gained weight, or a son can’t say to his politician father that he becomes too funny after the use of alcohol. There are many similar examples. The aim in all these cases is the same - to make our close ones «better». The only reason of not speaking the truth is that we worry the person will misunderstand us, take it wrongly or we just feel plain awkward, but there are things that people must know about themselves. I’m sure even I have traits I don't notice, which are noticed by my family, friends and colleagues; but kept to themselves for some reason. I must know that, however, because I want to become better, improve myself or at least think about it. solves that problem… is an anonymous social network which gives us an opportunity to tell our friends and relatives the things we want to say to them, but unable to do it face to face. The project is based on three main principles: anonymity, close people, private messages. Anonymity If a person knows there is even 1% probability that the friend will find out who told them the truth, or in other words they will be «caught», they will refrain from speaking out. There’s no possibility of "being caught" on (of course if the person doesn’t mention their name in the message or write something...

Designer t-shirts: Be stylish with simplicity

The killer combination of t-shirt and jeans in the casual wear section is admired by a huge number of people all around the world and I am also inclined towards styling myself with it. The popularity of the t-shirts crosses the border of gender, age and country. I am constantly looking for something more creative and unique so I continuously searching for t-shirts in all e-stores as well as traditional store. In the world of internet there are so many stores which are ready to sell you the designer t-shirts and according to my opinion go for the popular sites. One of my friends is constantly searching for trendy t-shirt designs and she also found so many online stores of designer t-shirts but none of them was able to fulfill her expectations because she is not interested ordinary kind of t-shirts.She is searching for some kind of innovative and thoughtful designs. So I shared my experience with her. I suggested her some popular t-shirt online store and it worked. Your t-shirt represents your style statement and that’s why it should suits to your personality. As you know our dressing style has the ability to reflect our moods so don’t take it for granted. Your clothes will give an identity to your personality that’s why it’s really important for you to carry yourself in a proper way. I have seen the t-shirts designed by so many designers but I really fond of Farnell He’s t-shirts are full of creativity and uniqueness. His t shirt design will give you the opportunity to select the t-shirt according to your mood. If you...

It’s Time to get Profesh

Guest Post by Lauren Bailey If you’ve just graduated from college, Congratulations! You’re probably looking for a job, buying your first suit or slinging drinks hoping that one day your liberal arts degree will come in handy. In any case, your days of all-nighters (of both studying and partying) will soon become a fuzzy memory of “the good ol’ days” before your student loans needed to be repaid and before you became cannon fodder in an entry-level position. Transitions are hard, especially if you aren’t prepared for them, so I’m here to tell you how to be proactive about creating your professional image. The approach is a little bit like dressing for the job you want, except by using social media, you can ultimately market yourself into the job you want. With the launch of Facebook Timeline, there has been a huge hubbub about how to use the new features to market businesses, but there is scarce mention about self-promotion, which is the true heart of social media. You’re probably brilliant at self-promotion. You have a Twitter account teeming with witticisms, an Instagram account full of funky, artsy photos and a Facebook with a wall that looks like a merger of CNN, Newsweek and The New York Times. Ok, that’s more of my own personal social media empire, but I’m sure that you exhibit some variation of these and other interesting links to your own inner awesome. How do you harness all of your best characteristics and present them to potential employers? Well, you simply can’t post all of your life online and expect to reach a wide audience...

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