African American Wigs for a Chic Look

African culture is known to develop unique hair statements due to their love and affection towards tresses. African American wigs are an ultimate accessory for today’s women to alter their hairstyle as often as desired. These add-ons allow you to express yourself with...

Designer t-shirts: Be stylish with simplicity

The killer combination of t-shirt and jeans in the casual wear section is admired by a huge number of people all around the world and I am also inclined towards styling myself with it. The popularity of the t-shirts crosses the border of gender, age and country. I am...

It’s Time to get Profesh

Guest Post by Lauren Bailey If you’ve just graduated from college, Congratulations! You’re probably looking for a job, buying your first suit or slinging drinks hoping that one day your liberal arts degree will come in handy. In any case, your days of all-nighters (of...

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