6 Affiliate Marketing Steps To Make Money With Your Blog This 2013


So you really want to make money blogging? Most people find it very difficult to succeed at affiliate marketing. When I started marketing on the internet, I didn’t have a product of my own. And I had no plans to create one. I also discovered the easiest way to earn a living online – which is by promoting affiliate products that are helpful, hot and pay good commissions. It sounds simple at the surface, but the steps to make it real aren’t readily available on thousands of blogs. In this … [Read more...]

Content Marketers, Small Businesses, How Are You Dealing With Obamacare?


Content marketers, the President, and the tax man are all on a collision course as governments try to dig in the pockets of the public to pay for unpopular debts and provisions. We ask, how is the small business community coping with the new America? Kari DePhillips of Content Factory interview on the Schiff Report Kari is no one special. She's a blogger and freelancer from humble beginnings, made some success, and is now a growing part of the new generation of digital small businesses. The … [Read more...]

Conquering The Precarious Road To Entrepreneurship


There are business people and then there are serious entrepreneurs who are extraordinary superhumans of any age with an enterprising idea and the understanding of how to get the results he or she wants. They secure the necessary funding through an angel investor or venture capitalist. They launch a megasite that attracts millions due to its attractive, useful appeal. And finally, they make serious money in the end. This is the path to becoming a serious entrepreneur, and although many people … [Read more...]

New Internet Monetization Trends Trump The Old


Amazon, the Godfather of internet marketing through affiliation linking, is no longer a fashionable monetization resource for companies or individuals looking to earn an honest buck.  Google Adsense seems to be a haven for dishonest click harvesting, causing the honest man who draws relevant traffic to become wary of using this service.   Affiliate networks seem to work best with large company websites that draw millions of visitors monthly or email marketers that can manage to bypass their SMTP … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Bloggers: How to Monetize Your Wild Ideas


By Nancy Marmolejo By nature, entrepreneurs are highly creative thinkers. Every aspect of a business-from filling a need, to solving a problem, to marketing, to selling, to serving customers - is an expression of creativity. But for every great idea that gets launched, millions more go the wayside because entrepreneurs simply don't know how to take action, how to decide if something's worth pursuing, or if the time is right. Wild ideas are GREAT for business...  and now more than ever … [Read more...]

Make Money Blogging? Or Make Money Because You Bring Value To The Web?


There are a couple ways of looking at starting a blog or thinking about the role of your current blog in your business. Some blogs make money in and of themselves. These blogs do this with: Advertising CPA offers Affiliate product recommendations Selling links Some people make money blogging simply because they blog. There really is a difference.  These “people who happen to have successful blogs” make money in far different ways than the bloggers above: Book … [Read more...]

One post, $400 per month…

make money blogging

Is it possible just to make one post worth $400 per month in profit? Certainly! Bloggers turn out profitable posts every day. Learn how "The $400 Page" was created, promoted, and continues to make money to this day in the video below. … [Read more...]