"Shortcodes" To Owning Popular Sites Like Blog Success

There was a new sheriff in town (for about 3 1/2 minutes). His name was The Merchant and for a brief time in Blog Success history, he was it's glorious owner. Shortcodes do nifty things with little effort on WordPress blogs. Well, here's how I shot to the top of this pro blogging site the same way. Let's get "mindset" out of the way I'm not your typical "make money" blogger. I don't promote every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, my mother raised me better than that. Instead I sail the seas of commerce, keeping a weather eye out for certain golden opportunities.  Most people like to float around, but I suggest riding the trade winds directly into the storm. Then, blog like the wind When you do find your bearing or the market you want to hang around, find a spot to produce some content. My site's for more abstract posts alluding to my quirky business mind. Luckily, I had Blog Success and have been dropping posts on blogging and social media news for at least three months. In this position, I'm better suited to hit up other pro blogging companies. And ... whaddaya know, I found one This particular company, Triberr has less emphasis on raising professional content creators, and more on connectedness and distribution of the content that's out there. It was a no brainer, a perfect complement to the membership here. Let the trading begin I started to participate in this other community, testing out all the cool WordPress apps, figuring out the kinks. I linked back and forth with my guest posts. Good thing...

How To Hijack Curiosity And Get Backed By NASA

How does a blog or a small business go from good to great? Is it guest posting? Good PR? Proper monetization? They're great buzzwords but powerful ideas are where the real money's at. One powerful idea makes it all come together and even get the support of NASA or a big agency like them. Launching Curiosity Anyone who lives on their wits knows the first rule, you don't go from good to great unless you know what the shot is. The ambitious merchant eyeballs the market and says, what's my shot at the big time? What's it going to take? Where's you're ride to Mars? NASA pegged theirs on Curiosity. How you can do the same At some point, a single merchant hits a wall in the market. Sure, anyone can sling a few sales on the daily and make a living. But when you need to command a tremendous amount of attention and resources, more than you could ever need for your family, we appeal to the massive level. At this level, it's about commerce, culture, and the communication of ideas, principles, and standards. It's about making powerful new connections in your market, and producing a new form of your business. To perform at this level, you literally have to get more out of Curiosity, you must ask the bigger questions. The conversation has to change and must be more inclusive of something outside any individual person. Somehow you thought that was always the key. Or maybe you were always told the same thing. By necessity, we become immediately immersed in taking action rather than entertain theory. That's the...

7 Points To Remember When Dealing With The Media

Dealing with the media is a learning process, and one that any communications officer or PR will have to work at to avoid making mistakes. Keeping a strong relationship with the media is essential to maintaining a strong brand identity, and for managing how information is shared between different parties. However, and given the speed by which mistakes can spread on Twitter and other sites, being cautious about speaking to the media is more important than ever. It is therefore essential that you know how to put across your side of a story, as well as being able to back up arguments with facts, and knowing when to stay silent. These points, and more, are expanded on below. 1 - Putting Across Your Version of a Story When dealing with the media, you need to be able to stay on message for your business at all times. Avoid mistakes, and always remember a few key points that need to be repeated. Spend time working on these key points as part of your overall management strategy, and try to be as concise as possible to avoid overly complicating a message. 2 - Build Strong Relationships A few excellent relationships with journalists and media outlets will mean that you can build up a strong level of trust, which can help to prevent attack stories from developing. Promise exclusives and provide follow ups to trusted journalists. Making yourself available, and being honest with journalists about what you can realistically provide, will mean that you will be able to establish a constant relationship with the media. 3 - Know How to Deal with...

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