Using Twitter Hashtags for Your Small Business

It is no secret that social media sites are becoming popular by the day; these platforms are being used for more than just meeting new people. Businesses around the globe are starting to utilize them as a way to increase their marketing efforts and help to get their brand noticed online. This is considered to be a tool that small businesses can use to increase their market reach and build a larger global market. Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms … [Read more...]

How To Track Who is Sharing Your Content in Real-Time


Guest Post by Jim Stroud Okay, this is cool! You can search Twitter for hashtags and keywords and yeah, everybody knows that. (Or should!) But did you know that you can search Twitter for weblinks that have been shared whether they have been shortlinked or not? If you already knew that, then you are more “with it” than I am because I just discovered this. I'll say it again. Twitter is a clever bird. Even if a link to your website has been shortened with such services like,, … [Read more...]

A story about Twitter 5 years ago…


Everything we're doing today might seem funny to us 5 years from now.  Like how we talked about Twitter when it first started.  Plus, I don't believe Robert Scoble ever had only 2000 followers on Twitter.  Pretty sure he started out with 100,000.  :) … [Read more...]

Who Uses Twitter? 9 Million Small Businesses


Twitter has only been around for six years, but its cultural legacy is already earmarked for history. Altogether, 66% of U.S. adults use social networking sites, and of those online consumers, 100 million are regular, active Twitter users, according to the company's blog. Twitter says its user base is not only huge, but high-level and diverse: 35 global heads of state use Twitter 99% of U.S. nonprofit groups are on Twitter 50 top-rated U.S. television shows reach out to viewers via … [Read more...]

Great Twitter Tools and Resources


This is a list of Twitter tools and resources we've compiled over the past 6 months.  If you have a great Twitter tool or how-to resource and think is should be on this list of Twitter tools, please submit a description and link in the comments below. Twitter Readers Hootsuite MarketMeSuite Twitter for Android Official Android App for Twitter Twitter for iPhone Official iPhone App for Twitter Twitter Resource Sites Everything Twitter TwitIP   … [Read more...]