Google Translate has Invented the "Phrasebook" to make Relevant and Easier for their Visitors

We know it well how Google and its tools are have importance in our life. Every things either in business life or in personal life both have well matured reason to accept it because of Google Facilities. Google provide us lots of free and paid application to use in the business perspective or in private. Recently last week Google has launched the "Phrasebook" Facilities in Google Translate to make their users experience relevant and easier. Well it is not so far that as any one should not use it at daily basis or hourly. It has genuine reason to use it. Google translate makes your thought to understand the keywords and sentences meanings well. As you know that It supports all languages in world wide. You can access it in your own way and every where you are. With Google Translate, you can put hundred of keywords or sentences for translation, but the good thing is you may not need to remember or write the translation at the same time. You can save all translated keywords or phrases in your own "Phrasebook" Memory in just few steps. When ever you need to read your saved phrases, you can open your personalized phrasebook folder and can access it easily. How to use the Google Translate Phrasebook First you need to go on and then put the keywords which you want to translate as in your languages. The important things to understand there, there is no written indication to find out the Phrasebook. You will find blank box. So in that case there is two option to find out the...

How To Monetize Google Plus Hangouts On Air

Google+ Hangouts On Air are a suite of powerful interview and content creation tools. But no one wants to watch your hour long video that is often the result of an authority interview. Here is how to cure that problem the fast easy way... My friend Todd Hartley, CEO of, shows us in this short video how to use Google+ Hangouts to create great question and answer driven videos that lead to exactly the question they are looking for. Short, concise and to the point videos do very well on YouTube and YouTube is your back end to Hangouts On Air. Watch this 3 minute video from a YouTube pro that has generated almost 6 million views on his channel showing us how it's done. I will be using this exact strategy in my upcoming interviews with the two top experts in their field this month. Keep your eyes peeled here on Blog Success and let's see how I do with Todd's...

How Your Business Should Approach Google+ Local

It's been a little over two weeks since Google Places morphed into Google+ Local, and local businesses and analysts are still trying to figure out what these changes will mean in the long-term. As of right now, if you ranked highly on Google Places, you may not be ranking as highly on Google+ Local. Additionally, if you're a restaurant owner, you're probably adjusting to the fact that a Zagat score is prominently displayed under your restaurant's name in the Google+ Local search results. Your Zagat score is based on online reviews, and having a low score is likely to discourage customers from doing business with you. Other types of business are also given a score based on reviews, but Google hasn't assigned a score to all businesses yet. We can expect they'll finish assigning scores to most businesses with Google+ Local pages in the next couple of months. We don't know precisely how Google will calculate the rankings on Google+ Local in the future.  What we do know, however, is that the focus of Google+ Local is 100% social. The search results on Google+ Local will link to your Google+ Local business page, which will display reviews from Google+ users. Additionally, Google+ Local search results will be customized for users. So, if someone in a Google+ user's circles recommends a business, that business will show up at the top their local search results. You might be wondering what exactly you can do now to improve your chances of success on Google+ Local. Here are a couple of things you should most definitely think about doing: Update your Google+ Local company page Google automatically switched all of the contents of your Places business...

Local Bloggers Take Note: Google+ Local Launches

If you are a local business blogger, a local business with a regular website, or a consultant who does SEO work for locals, today's announcement by Google is something to take VERY seriously. All Google+ users can now see a new tab on their stream called "Local."  Clicking it, you can check out what's around you.  Dining, services, and every other kind of business are all just a click away from around 200 million users of Google+. And the thing has a scoring system which decides what local establishments it shows by default when clicking the Local button.  In short, the business with most positive reviews gets featured. The data is pulled from Google Places and Zagat.  So if you or your clients are not listed in Google Places yet, get listed!  And get reviews. Becoming a full-user of the Google network from Google Places to YouTube to Google+ is the primary goal above all others in my SEO these days.  Not only that, but being a real user with real following, engagement, and regular activity is the basis for doing very well in Google Search. Related articles Google overhauls its local search experience with Google+ Local, featuring Zagat...

Google Plus for Business Infographic

This is a very detailed look at Google+ for business by Chris Brogan.  Chris is also a great blogger to follow for all kinds of online business and marketing tips.  I recommend putting him on your reading list in Feedly as a top expert to follow. Related articles Ten Blogging Lessons From Chris Brogan( Create Your Own Infographics At Visual.Ly( Infographic: Visualizing the True Reach of Social Media Personalities...

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