How to Optimize Your Email Sign-up Process and Maximize Subscriptions

In order to make the most of email marketing, there are some specific stars that must be aligned for the business or individual using it. Among those stars is a sign-up process that is designed to convert. This is a critical component because if people are not subscribing, then you have no ammunition to work with, which might tempt you to purchase a list, and that’s one of the worst ideas you can buy into. If you are going to succeed as an email marketer, you need a sign-up process that compels prospective subscribers to take that next important step — there is no way around it. On the bright side, there are quite a few things you can do to optimize this process and in turn, dramatically improve your subscription rates. Put It On Display Very few people will subscribe to your list if they have a hard time getting to the process that allows them to join. Do both parties a favor by making your sign-up form easy to find. If you’re trying to convert subscriptions on a website, that place will always be on your web page, above the fold. When I say above the fold, I mean near the top where it can easily be seen without the visitor having to scroll the page. It also wouldn’t hurt to have your sign-up form on every single page. When it comes to conversions, visibility is crucial. Don’t Ask for the World People are interacting deeply with the web, but when it comes to handing out their personal details, some are still very reluctant. For this reason,...

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