Viewing Jaipur as an investment destination; points to ponder!

Information, opinions, reviews etc., about Jaipur from yesteryears, might lead many to understand it as one of the tourist locations a traveller from far and beyond or within the country should not miss visiting. That’s not all there is to Jaipur. What many are oblivious of and one that we are trying to bring forth to the masses through this write-up is, Jaipur has grown to become a hot property destination! Property in Jaipur is in its prime as more and more builders are initiating long term projects in the city. This also means that the pink city, as it has been rightly named, is cashing in on this real estate progression by rapidly enhancing its facilities, infrastructure and other amenities with a view to attracting the masses. Property in Jaipur is in the hands of renowned real estate giants who come with decades-long experience and a number of successful projects commissioned across the country, to their credit. They have brought about a sea change in the landscape and lifestyle of Jaipur by setting up self-contained communities that provide all and sundry to its residents. This comes to say that this is probably the best time to shift focus to Jaipur as an investment option. Having said that, property in Bhiwadi and plot in jaipur too have picked up pace, offering customers a wide variety of apartments for rent and sale. Given below are some unique features of Jaipur that give it an advantage over other cities. Relatively low cost of living Well planned infrastructure; excellent road and rail connectivity Reasonably priced property Availability of basic amenities that are...

A Peek Into Great Online Marketing Tools

The Internet offers a wide variety of tools and techniques which can be utilized in promoting your products. It is no longer an option to ignore the potency of these tools. As at 2012, 34% of the world population had access to the Internet. Internet usage is no longer confined to the younger people as older people are getting more and more familiar with the Internet by setting up social media accounts and googling information. The following are some of the promotion tools at your disposal thanks to the Internet:- Social Media Chances are a huge majority of your target market is using social media. Human beings treasure making connections with other human beings based on values and interests. The giant social media site; Facebook had 1.1 billion users as at 1 August 2013. Other popular social media sites include Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Instagram, LinkedIn, iTunes, Flickr and Line. All these sites have their own unique features which in turn attract different kinds of people. If you are in a professional service line such as law and accountancy you are better of using LinkedIn to connect with clients as opposed to Twitter. If you are in a product oriented business on the other hand you should opt for Facebook. Your presence has to be felt in more than one social media site if you are to secure a competitive advantage in today’s world. Blogging Blogging is no longer just about search engine optimization and boosting your business listed at ; it is about connecting with your customers and clients. It is therefore important for your blogs to be...

Blog Success, Meet Triberr

There is a content marketing storm coming, Blog Success members. Big Blogs have dominated because they grabbed the attention of the machines, leaving smaller bloggers at the bottom. Not anymore. A league of shadows is preparing the way for a new culture of content marketing. Blog Success community + Triberr technology = the POWERFUL advantage Triberr is an emerging blog community that Blog Success can really benefit from working with. The founders are actively changing the way we distribute our WordPress content and engage people on the web. Join me on Triberr The time for content liberation has come. Our two communities were meant to meet on the next level of blogging. Big blogs will fall to the way side as we pursue our own business rather than court the favor of theirs. It's all part of the plan. The fire rises, Blog Success. Related articles How To Get More Out of Triberr Lowering Transaction Cost for Bloggers Blogger, Twitter,...

7 Free Website Evaluation Tools

Creating a successful web-based business, whether it's a blog, an online-service or a product-platform is exciting, challenging and potentially lucrative. However, coming up with your initial idea and bringing it to fruition is just half of the challenge. You could have the stickiest content, the coolest service or the most 'must-have' products, but if your website is slow, poorly-optimized or barely linked-to then you're going to find that your brilliant idea is essentially hidden from your target market. So, how can you make sure that your website ticks all the right boxes and is ready for the spotlight? A good start is to run your site through a number of website evaluation tools, so I've collected 7 of the best, free website evaluation tools that you can use to improve the quality of your website right now! Pingdom Full Page Test Pingdom offers a fantastic way to evaluate your website's speed, identify bottlenecks and measure performance in mere seconds. One of the best things about Pingdom's tool is that it also points out best practices and will tell you places where you can make low-effort, high-reward changes to your site, such as combining external JavaScript or minimizing redirects. Google Pagespeed Google Pagespeed works in a similar way to the Pingdom FPT, analyzing the site and breaking down areas where improvements can be made. Pagespeed also sorts the potential gains into High, Medium and Low priority groups so that you can focus on the most important areas first. Hubspot Marketing Grader Hubspot Market Grader brings a whole new level to website evaluation by actually grading the strengths and weaknesses of...

Why Your Content Fails: 6 Tips for Better Outreach

No one said building links was easy. If it were, everyone would be making money like the top internet marketing companies. Far too often, beginners in the SEO game think they can simply compile a list of a thousand bloggers and send out a canned email about some lame linkbait. Then they wonder why no one wants to link to them. Bloggers are people too. They’re not going to link to you simply because you asked them to. The reason many of these projects fail is they have poor outreach strategies. Here are some great SEO tips used in WebpageFX SEO packages: 1. Personalize Why don’t your blog targets reply to your canned emails? Because they’re not canned people. They can see a mass email coming from a mile away. Instead of trying to target a thousand bloggers with one email, try targeting 20 with personalized emails. Talk about mutual interests, compliment their site in specific ways, and show them that you are actually interested in them as people, then you’ll have a much better success rate. 2) Ask for help Instead of jumping into why you want them to post a link to your site, ask for their help on a project you are working on. They’re interested in something or they wouldn’t be blogging about it. Create a project that would interest them and ask for their feedback. They’ll be much more likely to link to your project if they feel they’ve had a hand in creating it. 3) Share their stuff People love to be tweeted (and retweeted). Follow them on twitter and share some of...

Is Your Marketing or Product Broken?

Seth Godin put up a great Squidoo Lens recently entitled ""Still Broken."  In it, he talks about a lot of funny stuff we use that's broken on purpose or because "it's not my job" to fix it. As you watch the video below, think about what Seth says in terms of how easy your site is to use for your readers and customers.   This is one of Seth Godin's funnier videos to boot, so your education comes with entertainment today! Why are so many things broken? In this entertaining talk - one of the favorites of Gel 2006 - Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them. See also: Seth's Blog, where Seth writes daily on marketing, business, and other issues -...

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