Watch This Hilarious Video Before Pitching A Guest Post

This is just an instant classic!  We get these, almost word for word, every single day through our guest blogging application form. … [Read more...]

Anybody Else Hate Infographics?


Infographics. They're a big deal and you're not cool until you've used one. But really, how am I supposed to believe all that math, people? Like when Wolf Blitzer tells me what the nation thinks about any given question. And it's always 49, 57, or 22 percent when it comes to the opinion of the entire country, right? I can't count that far, Blitzer. I can only see the people as far as the end of the block. And that's a City block, sir! I used to like them, and then I saw a thousand of … [Read more...]

Friday Funny

Screen-shot-2011-06-29-at-12.57.11-AM (1)

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