Anybody Else Hate Infographics?

Infographics. They're a big deal and you're not cool until you've used one. But really, how am I supposed to believe all that math, people? Like when Wolf Blitzer tells me what the nation thinks about any given question. And it's always 49, 57, or 22 percent when it comes to the opinion of the entire country, right? I can't count that far, Blitzer. I can only see the people as far as the end of the block. And that's a City block, sir! I used to like them, and then I saw a thousand of them. How's this for an infographic? This represents the amount of emotional energy relative to the raw data available on how much I really care about all those crazy numbers and dates. Unless your pie graphs come with a YooHoo and a sweet Boston Creme filling, do not call me to your GoTo Meeting. I can't be bothered with your infographics. If it does, I'd like to shake your hand. Buddy, you've got one tasty new niche to build  a blog about. I mean, wow. That gives me hope for the chocolate Tech Crunch bar I've been craving. The Future of Infographics As proliferation of information graphics spreads across the internet, more people will begin to fall prey to pretty colors and big fonts. Original and curated content will  fall to about 140 characters and remain there indefinitely. Because of infographics, no one will know what economies are tanking until actual military tanks roll down the street. Related articles Infographic of the Week: Are You a Geek or a Nerd?( Infographic vs. Data...

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