Curation Continues to Grow and Evolve

Keeping up with the way people like to get information on the web is an important part of successful blogging.  We used to post huge, long articles on blogs.  People loved it.  That's when there were far fewer sources of good information than there are today. Now, with a crowded information market, the biggest task for any information seeker is finding the best of the best.  Quickly.  And that's a different type of "service" that bloggers can provide their readers.  Rather than always coming up with original articles themselves, bloggers have relied on each other more in recent years and have been compiling each others best stuff for their own readers. Curation isn't new.  It's just becoming much more wide-spread as a content marketing tool.  And the need for it is great. We bloggers are also seekers.  We need to source the best content for our readers so that our site remain relevant, interesting, and helpful to them.  One of my favorite places to keep up on the topics I blog about is the community. Here are some resources for getting up to speed on curation and learning to implement it in your blog marketing campaign. Content Curation, Social Business, And Beyond -a great page curated by Jan Gordon Content Marketing Digest - a great mix of content marketing news with curation pieces mixed in. Content Marketing News - my own curation on Content Curation World - the most popular and oldest curation page on by Robin Good Content Curation Becoming A Marketing-Must - great article! Related articles Content Curation: 5 Best Practices for Sharing Content...

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