How to effectively resolve Google manual actions penalty

  For all practical purposes, Google owns the internet. Google rewards “white-hat” SEO practices by providing the sites that employ tried and true techniques a higher ranking in search results. Conversely, Google punishes “black-hat” practices.  A common penalty - inflicted on about 400,000 sites a month - is the manual actions, and this post will help you very effectively resolve Google manual actions penalty.   Sites of any size can be punished for using shady techniques such as link buying, using fraudulent methods to drive traffic to a site, keyword-stuffing, having spam blogs to generate ad revenue, etc.  A site need not even indulge in such activity.  Mere suspicion on Google's part is sufficient to invoke the penalty.   Google’s primary and only interest is in ensuring that the online visitor trusts the internet and continues to spend more and more time online. To accomplish this, Google is constantly revising its search and indexing algorithms.  There are thousands of updates constantly applied, to ensure that the online visitor has the best online experience.   To achieve this, Google is also spending millions of dollars in the following activities: Laying ultra high-speed internet cables in select cities, such as Kansas City (KS), Austin (TX) and Provo (UT). It is making the internet safer. Google’s Project Zero is an ethical hacking program which identifies and stymies hacking operations even before they become effective. Heavy investment and continuous improvement in search. Identifying sites that are remotely suspicious from a user experience perspective, and knocking them off search results.   The last one is the topic of this blog post.   In 2014,...

Why are Scarborough’s B&B Hotels so Special?

Scarborough is the North Sea coastal town of North Yorkshire, England and people love coming to here as is a beautiful nice, clean and the overall tourism place where people can spend one of the finest and memorable holidays with family and friends. Those things obviously can be the main reason behind the popularity of this town but in another way Hotels and B&B’s also play a big role in Scarborough’s specialty. Scarborough not only served good environment and culture, it’s also served good accommodation, food and other entertainment facility to the tourist and locals. If we take a look at the reviews on TripAdvisor or on other web places, people are not only giving a review about visiting places but also give reviews of hotels where they stayed in particular areas because they liked their service and happy after getting good service. So behind fame there are so any things depends and one of them it’s B&B’s Hotels and accommodation in Scarborough. It shows that how hotel and accommodation affect our trip in terms of facility and comforts. If we like the places of Scarborough like Scarborough castle, Dalby Forest etc. for spending a whole day it’s enough to go at one or two places but what about night? For relaxation we need good place where we can take a rest and get yummy food and Hotels are the only place and Scarborough’s hotels provides that kind of entertainment, good food quality and room service which you really wants after a getting tired and need freshness. So it’s my opinion about Scarborough’s B&B’s specialty which I am sharing...

How to Evaluate Your Online Presence

As a business owner, you know that website design has become a very important part of your business’ growth, but there is much more to an online presence than simply having a website for your customers to view. There are a few important aspects to keep in mind to make the most out of your online presence. Website Usability With mobile phones and tablet devices becoming more and more popular around the world, you need to make sure that your website is accessible on multiple devices. You need to test your usability on different mobile devices, to ensure that your audience is able to view your site as it should be, optimized for their particular device. This is very important as a large part of your audience are likely going to be from mobile phones and tablet devices. Also make sure that your website can be viewed in multiple browsers, testing all the popular varieties to ensure that people browsing form their desktops can view the site in any browser. Analytics and Monitoring Website design is only one small part of maintaining your company’s online presence; you will need to constantly monitor your website and analyse analytic and reports for performance, making sure that your website is performing and improving as it should. Make note of your website’s bounce rate and consider the popularity of certain pages and products to accurately assess what your audience is interested in. You can always improve your website, as it is something that you will constantly need to work on in order to perfect. Accessibility It is vital that your website is found...

Traffic Building Strategy: Content Marketing

Huge Traffic Building Strategy #2: Content Marketing These days it is not enough to have a pretty website with your services, an about page and a contact form. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website or blog it’s essential to be offering good, no …wait for it…great.... content. Content is king. There is so much noise and distraction in the online world, the only way you are going to grab attention and more importantly, hold attention is if you give people great “stuff” to watch, listen, do or read on your site. This might sound daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Really. We’ve got ways; Are you familiar with bounce rate? They come, they glance they go, ba-boing ba-boing! We are looking to avoid bounce rate, and these days, to do so, we need to be creative. I talked about 6 easy ways to get traffic to your blog or website in this video last year, so for those of you who would rather watch and listen, head on over here. Often times the content can be driven from off-site, like Facebook, or a great video ( or series) you produce on Youtube. With a link back to your site you’re gathering folks from the outside and drawing them in. Of course now your job is to keep them on your site, so how to do this? Creativity. Thinking outside of the box. Check out blender company’s series of video’s “Will It Blend?” In this video BlendTec’s CEO Tom Dickson attempts to blend an Apple iPad. In the past Tom has blended everything from marbles...

How does a Daily Deal T – Shirt website choose its designs?

In the last few years many websites have come up which offer exclusive, limited edition, artist designed t shirts to buyers at very attractive prices. These websites cater to a niche of tee shirt buyers who are looking to buy something which expresses their individuality and their opinions, and are off beat, whacky, humorous and makes them stand out in the crowd. The buyers from these websites are looking for t shirts where the design is the pre-dominant point of attraction, and not the brand name or the company. These buyers also want these t shirts to be priced attractively. Hence, many websites like CaptainKyso offer a daily deal on the t shirts, where in a new t shirt is released every day and sold at an attractive deal rate for 24 hours. So, the question which comes to mind is, how does the design curation team at daily deal t shirt websites, choose the t shirts that they manufacture? Today, there is a very large online community of t shirt designers and artists who give licenses of their artwork and designs to these websites in return for royalties and / or flat upfront payments. These designers usually have their portfolios online in the form of websites, blogs oronline artist community accounts. Hence the t shirt websites have a large selection of designs that they can choose from. So how do they choose which ones to print and which ones to stay away from? I am sure that different websites have different criteria in this regard. The foremost objective in most design curators’ minds is obviously saleability. Hence most...

How to Recruit Experts to Create Content for You – For FREE

When you think about creating a product (such as an ebook), you probably usually only consider two options: create it yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. But there’s a third option that’s free, doesn’t require hardly any work on your part, and yet it can boost the credibility of your product. The answer? Recruit experts in your niche to create your product for you. Not only do these experts do all the work, but they might even help you promote the product once it’s finished. Plus having your name associated with these experts instantly establishes your own credibility and positions you as a niche expert. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps… Step 1: Pick Your Product First you need to decide what kind of product you’re going to create, such as an ebook. Then you need to decide how you’ll ask your experts to contribute. The possibilities include: You interview the experts. In this case, you’re asking a variety of questions that are personalized for each expert. You ask the experts to write a short article, which will serve as one chapter of your ebook. You ask the experts a question and create the product by compiling these answers. Example: “What’s the best way to improve your golf swing?” Once you know how you want your experts to contribute to your project, then move on to the next step… Step 2: Find Experts If you’ve been working in your niche for any amount of time, then you no doubt already know who all the major players are. If not, you’ll just need...

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