Three Ways to Protect Your Content from Google’s Panda


Google has rolled out several algorithms that are designed to enhance the experience of the average internet user, and rank pages. Google and Panda are the strongest and most capable algorithms which have are constantly being enhanced. As a matter of fact, the fat Panda, which is focused on dealing with low quality and duplicate content, has been updated for over 25 times. In the meantime, the Penguin has also received a major update in 22 May 2013 which has taken the fight against spam to a … [Read more...]

How to Find a Freelancer to Create Amazing Products for You

So you want to create a product, such as an ebook or maybe even a piece of software. However, you don’t have the time, skills or perhaps the inclination to do it yourself. You’d rather hire a professional to do it for you, which frees up your time to focus on the “money” tasks (like the marketing). But maybe you’re hesitating a bit. Maybe you’ve heard those outsourcing horror stories of people getting ripped off, service providers missing deadlines, and buyers getting saddled with subpar … [Read more...]

How to Recruit Experts to Create Content for You – For FREE

When you think about creating a product (such as an ebook), you probably usually only consider two options: create it yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. But there’s a third option that’s free, doesn’t require hardly any work on your part, and yet it can boost the credibility of your product. The answer? Recruit experts in your niche to create your product for you. Not only do these experts do all the work, but they might even help you promote the product once it’s finished. … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Get More Guest Posting Opportunities


You know that guest posting is a great way to build links between your site and authoritative sites in your niche. It’s one of the older methods which have held on throughout all of Google’s changes and even with the newest updates, it’s still considered safe, particularly with Google’s push for more content based ranking. But how do you find the best opportunities for guest posting? Some of these are pretty obvious, but some of them are... well, you’ll see! Start from the Start As with … [Read more...]

The Quick and Easy Way to Research and Create Your Own Products

You’re thinking about creating your own product, such as an ebook. You’ve done your market research to discover what your market is already buying, so you know what your prospects’ want. Now your goal is to create something just a bit better than the competitors’ products. But if you’ve never created a product before, it can all seem a little overwhelming. If so, relax. Because all you need to do is follow these three steps to quickly and easily create your own high-quality product… Step … [Read more...]

Using Twitter Hashtags for Your Small Business

It is no secret that social media sites are becoming popular by the day; these platforms are being used for more than just meeting new people. Businesses around the globe are starting to utilize them as a way to increase their marketing efforts and help to get their brand noticed online. This is considered to be a tool that small businesses can use to increase their market reach and build a larger global market. Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms … [Read more...]

How to make money with podcasts and Google Hangouts!


In this episode of "What's Your Story?" Entrepreneurial Series, Yifat Cohen, The G+GoTo Gal is interviewing David Siteman Garland owner of The Rise To The Top on how to make money from your own internet show. 0:01:20: How David got his first traditional TV show without any experience. 0:09:21: When did you start interviewing celebrities like Ali Brown and Patty Stanger Find Yifat Cohen on Google Plus Visit Yifat Cohen, G+GoTo Gal … [Read more...]

5 Free Webinar Tips To Help Make Your Event Wildly Successful


Webinars are one of the most effective ways to market online. They have many advantages. Multiple forms of media can be used, presenters can interact with their audience and establish rapport through teaching and offering valuable information, and the event can be taped and re-used later. They are a very effective way to sell products and also expand your influence in a niche. Here are 5 webinar tips to help ensure your next event is wildly successful. 1. Plan your webinar ahead of time You … [Read more...]

Reply Girls: When Video Marketing Gets Ugly


It's ironic because video reply girls make money marketing themselves because they're not ugly at all. If you haven't seen a reply girl on Youtube, you clearly aren't making the best use of your day like I am. Check this episode of the Bored and Beautiful, an unfolding video blogging and marketing story. This was going on all year long. Reports and profiles from popular sites like VICE came along as multiple posts sprouted on the net about the unusual success of reply girls. And with … [Read more...]

The Future of Video Blogging


It’s no secret that video blogging or “vlogging” is fast becoming a very popular trend and a very useful blogging tool. According to the latest statistics from YouTube, more than 65% of internet users in the United States view online videos, and they spend an average of 6 hours per month doing so. Not only are these statistics interesting, but it’s a very viable tool for internet marketers to focus on. With online videos becoming a growing trend, it is something that bloggers should focus … [Read more...]