Seven Impeccable Blog Marketing Strategies


Seven Impeccable Blog Marketing Strategies Applying incredible marketing strategies can generate immense profit. Good marketing plans should always have set targets and measurable means of realizing the targets. However, the baseline to the ultimate success is usually amazing content and powerful promotion. Here are seven practical steps of realizing SEO and social media success with blogs for online marketing. Create Customer Personas Customer oriented blogs are designed in tune with the … [Read more...]

Why do some blogs fail


Why do Some Blogs Fail? Business blogs are famous for being able to generate a lot of marketing and PR. Due to this, most of you had made an effort to start up blogs. While some of you have been able to gain extreme popularity, some have not been able to get a single viewer. There have been cases where blogs were a rage when they came out but simmered down after a while. What is the reason behind this failure? Not an easy task Blogging requires a lot of research and hard work. It is not as … [Read more...]

How to Turn Comments Into Cash

When you think about how to monetize your blog, most of your attention is generally focused on two things: Your blog posts, where you build relationships with readers and perhaps promote offers from time to time. The space surrounding these posts (such as the sidebar, header and footer), where you place banners and text ads. However, what most people fail to realize is that your blog comments offer you yet another way to make money. In fact, you can turn these visitor comments … [Read more...]

How to Turn Friday Into Payday

You know what the best part of a regular job is? Predictable paydays. Example: If you were paid weekly, then you felt rich every Friday when you cashed that paycheck. Good news is, you can still feel rich on Fridays! How? By using your blog and a free offer to turn Fridays into paydays. Yep, you read that right: You’re going to make money by giving away free stuff. Let me explain… The key here is to develop some sort of free product that directly relates to an affiliate … [Read more...]

How to Turn Story-Telling Into Story-Selling

Plenty of people think that the only way to advertise is by using hyped-up language – the kind of slick sales talk a snake-oil salesman might use to sell his wares. But one of the most powerful sales tools you have at your disposal is much more powerful… and subtle. And that tool is the power of story-telling selling. Here’s why it works: Stories make people pay attention. Indeed, people pay huge sums of money to read stories (novels) and watch them (movies). Stories make … [Read more...]

3 Stories That Are Ringing In The New Year

Google, facebook and other big businesses dominate the headlines but here's some new you can use from "the rest of us". I bring you word from the valley, mobile apps, the gift cards and love markets. Facebook's boring anyway, right?   … [Read more...]

How Do Bloggers Get Content Automation Done Right?

Automation, tools and tech, rule social media markets. The game is "look what I can do faster, easier and cooler than you". Some people make money on it, some get nothing at all. Let's look inside some automation game play.     … [Read more...]

The Best Of Android Apps Every Blogger Must Have

Android blogging applications

The popularity of smart phones is growing in leaps and bounds. People prefer using them because they are convenient, fast and they enable the users to access any information at any time. As the smart phones get more popular, people are also in lookout for new applications that make life and work easy. It’s a fact that smart phone users seldom make the use of conventional; PC’s or laptops. When many functions can be performed by making the use of smart apps, blogging is no exception. If you … [Read more...]

How to Blog Anywhere, Anytime

There’s a big world out there (no, not online – the other one). If we’re spending all our time at a desk we’re missing out on the very experiences that can catapult our writing into new realms of wonderfulness. Experiences make us richer writers, and the best bloggers are looking for ways to get out there and bring the blogging with them. This article can help. Are You Managing One Blog or Many? Before looking for the right solutions, you have to carefully define the problems. Bloggers … [Read more...]

State of the Social Media Union for 2013


Four top social marketing experts share what you need to be doing in 2013 to make more money and save even more time using social sites in 2013. Paul Colligan Lynette Young Warren Whitlock Chris Treadaway Show notes, author bios and links to their social marketing books and sites await you here. … [Read more...]