Starting a catering business

Entrepreneurs who start a catering business need many skills to succeed: a good head for business, knowledge of food preparation, an ability to plan ahead and good quality catering kitchen equipment. Market research is also essential. While it may seem obvious to go for a popular market, such as fish and chips, it could be profitable to venture into a new, more niche catering market. Whichever route is chosen, however, having a good working relationship with a catering supplier is vital. What training is necessary for starting a catering business? There are many courses which can be beneficial for starting a catering business. A catering and hospitality degree, for example, will cover subjects such as health and safety and menu planning. There are also more specialised courses available; many of which focus on specific cuisines. Ultimately, the end goal is to provide skills which can be applied to the catering workplace; ensuring customers receive the best possible service. With the lives of customers becoming busier every day, speed of preparation is extremely important for professional caterers. Techniques which improve efficiency in the kitchen can be taught and practised. Also, catering equipment such as pressure cookers, mincers, slicers and juicers can all save time. Running a catering business on a budget There are several ways of lowering the running costs of a catering business. Purchasing energy saving equipment is the first step. It also pays to ensure that all electrical devices, including computers, are switched off when not in use. Lastly, thermometers and labelling can be used to ensure food is kept fresh. This guest blog post is written by...

Staff Motivation

In tough economic times it is tempting put any motivation concerns to one side and focus purely on everyday pressures. However, it is in more important than ever to keep staff energised in periods of difficulty, as periods of uncertainty will make individuals even more dependent on leadership. The good news a huge injection of cash is not always required, and below are a few of the many other ways in which staff motivation can be enhanced. The first suggestion is a simple one; dish out praise generously and do not neglect incentives. Just taking the time to say well done is a really quick way to make people feel special. Verbal praise from a manager should not be underestimated and letting someone know they are a vital contributor is a great morale booster. Every now and then, offer slightly bigger rewards, such as a bottle of wine or take an employee out for lunch, or even an inventive scheme to ensure people really push themselves. Good two-way communication is also important. Try giving your staff a chance to voice their opinions directly to you and in special problem-solving groups. Furthermore, if you act on an employee’s advice or opinion then let them know, as this will build up trust and make staff feel involved. Operating an open-door policy and generally being visible and available is another way of promoting a familiarity that makes employees want to do well. There are many other ways to energise staff and generate loyalty, but just implementing a few of these tactics might result in a surprising increase in motivation and moral, irrespective...

Using healthy foods to improve digestion

It's a common enough problem: a rumble in the stomach, or bubbles in the abdomen that are distinctly uncomfortable. Digestive problems can cause pain and embarrassment, and for some people, they're a long-term reality. The good news is that these daily discomforts can often be made a lot better with some simple changes in diet. Food intolerance is often pointed to as a reason for misbehaving digestion, but there are other common options that can be looked at before any testing has to be done. Digestive health is not only affected by the things eaten; the way in which they are eaten also contributes. The first area to look at is dietary habits that could be directly causing the problem. Things like fizzy drinks are an obvious culprit as they introduce gas into the system, making things uncomfortable. There are other meal habits, though, such as talking while eating, which can also introduce extra air. A second place to look is the diet itself. There are a few healthy foods that can cause problems in some people. Beans, onions, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are common culprits and should be avoided by anyone with digestive complaints. It's important to compensate for the cutting out of these vegetables with others, and people on a vegan diet particularly need to be careful about balancing things out. There are many serious digestive complaints, and it is important to consult a doctor for any serious and ongoing symptoms. A change of diet, however, can lead to some amazing improvements. This guest blog post is written by Webmaster of, offering healthy foods and...

Silk Flowers Versus the Real Deal

They say that you can’t beat the real deal; however is this always true? These days the manufacture of products is so sophisticated that it’s possible to replicate all sorts of naturally occurring things, often with a lot of success. Even one of the miracles of nature the flower can be recreated with great effectiveness these days. But can artificial trailing plants or floral arrangements really rival real blooms? Well in some ways they can’t. Imitation flowers won’t have the rich scent of a real flower, unless a perfume is added, instead a silk flower is meant to replicate the aesthetics of a flower rather than its smell. However, they can be extremely effective when it comes to this replication of natural beauty. Using a high quality material like silk creates textures very similar to the look and feel of the real flower. This makes them absolutely ideal in a range of contexts, in offices spaces, wedding receptions or restaurants, for example. So, fake flowers can very closely resemble real flowers; however they can go beyond this too. They don’t have the same practical disadvantages associated with using real flowers, for instance they won’t wilt over time, they require no maintenance and they last for years. Also, they don’t have the same implications in terms of allergies – remember, plant allergies are very common particularly hay fever. In some ways a real flower will never be matched; however using imitation blooms might be preferable especially for decorative purposes in practical situations. This guest blog post is written by Webmaster of, offering Trailing plants and floral arrangements...

HR solutions in an age of technology and change

The number of HR and payroll solutions available to managers today reflects the changing face of the modern business environment. Improved HR management software and the arrival of outsourced payroll providers are just two of the trends which have evolved. However, HR solutions such as these have also highlighted the unique challenges facing management in a world which is becoming increasingly high-tech, competitive and globalised. Retaining talented staff There will always be fewer job spaces than applicants. Nonetheless, it can be a challenge to find those unique workers who can make a difference to the company. The role of the HR department is to track down applicants of the right calibre, improve their performance and then ensure they are happy to stay. By making good use of the HR and payroll solutions open to them - such as online training and performance-linked bonuses – they can find and retain talented employees. Managing a diverse workforce Every employee can bring something of value to the workplace, such as good organisational skills, adaptability or the ability to work flexible shifts. Companies can install HR management software to help employees maximise their potential by managing their time effectively and performing tasks outside of their normal area of expertise. Employees can also use the system to inform management of changes to their schedule, such as holidays and appointments. Alternatively, a firm with complex shift patterns and a large workforce can turn the whole thing over to an outsourced payroll provider; making short work of things like time sheets and holiday pay. This guest blog post is written by Webmaster of, offering hr...

How to Make Your Bathroom a Modern Haven

The bathroom has the potential to become a very modern and stylish space. Because bathrooms are typically very functional spaces, the most natural aesthetic is often the modern aesthetic. Even where the rest of your home is more neutral or even traditionally designed a modern bathroom really works. How do you incorporate the modern aesthetic into bathroom spaces? You might consider tiling. Designer bathroom tiles can be used to great effect in modern bathrooms. Wherever you are decorating the walls you’re avoiding taking up floor-space, and this is one of the reasons why use of tiles is so common in bathrooms with particularly modest dimensions. You need to think carefully about colour. Some colours look more “modern” than others. You might, for example, opt for colours that are reflective or perhaps typically modern colours such as black or grey. There’s a little misconception that a modern bathroom needs to stick to a monochrome design; however this isn’t necessarily the case and you can experiment with different coloured tiles etc. Another feature of modern design is technology. In the bathroom there is plenty of technology, fittings etc. Features such as your shower head, toilet and sink should all be high quality. For an extremely modern bathroom you might consider a wet-room installation, essentially turning all of your bathroom into the inside of a shower. This guest blog post is written by Webmaster of, offering Designer bathroom tiles and contemporary bathroom tiles...

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