Branded Domain Applications Revealed Today – A New Internet Land Grab Begins

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Is a new, bigger-than-ever internet land grab happening?  According to this article at CNET "Here comes the greatest Internet landgrab in history," and many more below, we're about to see where a lot of companies are betting hundreds of millions on branded domain extensions.   And the beginning of the slow death of .com's popularity.

Then again, it could just end up being a giant multi-million dollar flop.  Let's watch all the fun!

Will Top-Level Domains Become a Marketing Bonanza or Bust ...


While the application process for new Internet top-level domain names was messy and contentious, just wait. The worldwide implementation of new TLDs by Icann could be far worse, creating a migraine for marketers and a ...

Tomorrow is Top-Level Domain (TLD) Reveal Day - Deepend


Tomorrow is Top-Level Domain (TLD) Reveal Day. Tomorrow is ICANN's “Reveal Day” where we find out who just spent $350 million on creating a whole new domain landscape, initiating what could be the biggest virtual ...

Google Applies for .Google, .Docs, .YouTube and .LOL Top-Level ...


Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like these will soon become a reality on the Internet and will work side-by-side with today's 28 TLDs like .com, .org, .net and more obscure ones like .jobs and .aero. This new program will ...


This post curated with CurationSoft.  Watch for it in your favorite search engine... soon.

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