Out of the Box Online Marketing Tactics to Try

Online marketing is cost effective in most cases, and it can be easy to do even when you have a limited amount of experience. Of course, just because something is easy does not mean that you should do it without at least an idea of what you have to do to succeed! First, look at the successful, tried and true online marketing tactics and ideas that others are using. Making use of great content on your site, adding social networks to your plan and learning to engage with the online audience are all a part of the overall marketing experience, and all are things that can work.

While you want to incorporate those workable strategies into your own marketing plan, you might find that thinking a bit outside the box can be helpful as well. When you have some ideas that are a bit different from the competition, you have a chance to stand apart from the pack. It might be just what you need. The following are some of the different things that you might want to add to your online marketing plan. Others have found them successful in the past, and they could work well for you.

Everyone Loves a Free Ebook

One of the simplest things that you can offer to people is a free e-book. The book does not have to be overly long. It just has to have content that the consumer would want to have. You can write the book, add it to a .PDF file with some royalty free photos, and provide it as a free download on your site. You could also have it be a reward for anyone who signs up to your email newsletter. With some of the email companies out there, it is possible to set up the account so that anyone who signs up for the email will receive an automatic download of the e-book.

One of the great things about the e-books is that you are going to control the content. This means that you can use the content for more subtle marketing about your services, and even have some calls to action in the book. However, you do need to make sure that you are creating a book that has actual value to the reader and not just a long advertisement

Mobile Application

Another good idea for today’s online marketing world is the mobile application. You will need to have a developer create the app for you in most cases. You could choose to charge for the app, but if you are using it as a marketing tool, it might be nice to give the app away instead. Just make sure that the app has calls to action in it that will get the user back to your site at some point.

Shoot a Commercial

In the past, you would have had to spend many thousands of dollars in order to get a commercial shot and on the air. Today, that’s not the case. You are going to be able to shoot the video on your own with minimal equipment, and then you will be able to upload it to the web. People tend to stay on sites longer when they have video. Add the commercial to your site, as well as to places such as YouTube. Many sites using Premium WordPress templates make it easy to add video.

Before you add any of the marketing ideas here to your plan, you are first going to want to make sure that you understand your audience. When you know what the potential customers and prospects expect, at least when it comes to content, you will find that it is going to be quite a bit easier to create out of the box strategies that still cater to your crowd.

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