Welcome to Blog Success, the COMPLETE solution to YOUR blog! Your blog is your Idea, and you define what SUCCESS means to you. As soon as you define your blog IDEA and your SUCCESS, you are ready for Blog Success! With our 4-point proven framework of Setup, Grow, Convert and Realize, you can watch your blog speed along, while you focus only on the critical tasks for your blog. With a Blog Success membership, you, the SERIOUS blogger will get access to ALL the tools and services that you need to systematically take care of the 80% non-critical activities for your blog. This is NOT another training portal - we DO the non-critical activities for you So that you can FOCUS on the critical activities that only you MUST do for your blog. Blog Success membership, based on a proven 4-point FRAMEWORK, helps you achieve success by controlling 3 main areas:

  1. Keeps your blog progress on track - with a well-defined roadmap
  2. Provides you with TOOLS and SERVICES - UNLOCK upwards of 20 hrs/month
  3. Makes you focus on the 20% activities - that builds 80% value for YOUR blog

Tools & Services provided by BlogSuccess relieve you of the effort, attention and time that you would otherwise spend on critical activities, but which can be delegated. These constitute 80% of the work and have brought millions of blogs to their knees. With a Blog Success membership, all you need to do is submit a request and we will take care of it. If you have been:

  1. Spending money on training material
  2. Spending time and effort training yourself
  3. And then working to get the 80% things done for your blog

Then you HAVE BEEN doing it ALL WRONG! Work SMARTER with a Blog Success membership! FOCUS on just THREE things for your blog (hint: ONLY YOU can do this for your blog – NO ONE ELSE):

  1. GENERATE rich content for your blog – the topic, the expertise, the PASSION is ALL yours. No one else can do this for you.
  2. ENGAGE your customers – you know your target customer, who they are, where they hang out and what they like. No one else can do this for you.
  3. DEVELOP high-value products – your expertise, your experience and your knowledge should help you devise products to help solve your customers’ most vexing problems. No one else can do this for you.

So what does a Blog Success membership do for your blog? Let’s break it up into 3 parts: A. One-time:

  • Setting up your blog on WordPress, including activating your theme and mandatory, recommended plug-ins
  • Link Google Analytics and build on-site SEO
  • Building your blog so that it looks like a solid, professional site
  • Setting up social media and connecting it to your site (up to 3)
  • Building your Mailing List manager, sign-up forms and connect to your site

B. Every month:

  • Hosting – for up to 3 sites
  • Content Editorial services – you write out the post, we will make it publish-ready, including on-page SEO (up to 4 posts a month)
  • Technology support – up to 4 support requests a month – ANY tech support required for your site **
  • Deep Insight paper – one every month (check out the free SEO paper, to gauge the value and notice the difference)
  • Distribute your site to selected aggregator sites

** In case of non-standard technology, our standard service-levels will not apply. We may take some additional time (will be communicated) to fix your issues. C. Every few months:

  • Data Analytics report – in the fourth month of your membership
  • Valuation of your site (upon request, after your site meets some required conditions)
  • Valuation of a target site that you wish to acquire (upon request)
  • Product listing – one every three months
  • Landing pages – including connectivity to your mailing list manager and payment gateway

You need to know the critical activities for your blog, such as writing/speaking, customer engagement, building products and marketing strategy that ONLY you can do. These activities form the 20% that contribute 80% of your blog’s value. These activities MUST NOT be outsourced. The blogger must do them herself! Blog Success shows you exactly what these are, when they should be performed and how.