If you are planning on building a blog, DON’T start without this Blog Success EBook – "How to build a blog that counts" For the serious blogger, this book shows how to unlock valuable time and then, where to invest that time! This book could mean the difference between a stalled endeavor vs. a successful blog
So what does this book contain?
Two invaluable insights:
1. Everything related to blogging You see, most people think of a blog as just writing. And only writing. They are not familiar with (more than 70%) activities other than content generation that is necessary for a blog. This book gives you the end-to-end, complete structure, components and roadmap to building a successful blog. These are presented in the proven and highly-structured 4-point Blog Success framework: Setup, Grow, Convert, Realize. You must understand these components before you start a blog! There are enough inactive, stalled and failed blogs out there, without one more addition.
2. Bloggers tend to do it all ALONE They feel they have to do EVERYTHING. Consequently they spend tons of dollars, time and effort in purchasing memberships, attending webinars and training and training themselves to do everything related to their blog. This not only distracts them from doing the CRITICAL activities that only they can perform, but also overwhelms them leading to frustration, inactivity and finally throwing in the towel. This book identifies all non-critical activities that you must delegate and helps you focus on the strategic 20% activities that contribute to 80% impact to your blog.
In addition to these two topics, the book also contains a whole chapter on CONTENT – the life-blood of any blog. You will get to know the types of content, how to write, how to schedule, search-engine optimization for your posts and tips on churning out content on a regular basis.
Then we added INSIGHTS from the 2014 Blog Success survey. Conclusions are drawn based on responses by more than 350 real bloggers, and this will make you think of hurdles, issues and problems even before you encounter them. Better to learn from someone else’s mistakes!
Take advantage of one other bonus chapter on KEY SUCCESS FACTORS that could help make your blog successful. You will not find this chapter anywhere else.