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For the serious blogger, who is ready for the next level, we provide Blog Success “Deep Insight” papers.

These papers dig DEEP into challenging topics for the SERIOUS blogger.

They cover topics of interest and need to the serious blogger, such as Search Engine Optimization, Growing Blog Revenue, Solid Content Strategy, Blog Campaigns, Effective List Building, and so on. Topics are provided by our members.

For each topic, a complete insight is provided, built after careful research and based on practical application with a business angle.

Internet and specifically Google has answers to everything you wish to know. You can definitely find what you need on the web. If you try to learn it on your own you will end up spending hours and days trying to find relevant content which answer specific queries that you have. Blog posts are available in plenty. However, they barely scratch the surface and are intended to drive traffic to those sites and not necessarily to provide a complete solution to your topic.

This kind of searching and collecting content is hardly the best use of a blogger’s time.

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The SERIOUS blogger must focus on generating rich content, engaging your customers and developing high-value products.

Blog Success Deep Insight papers will save you hours of effort in finding the relevant content. These papers are carefully crafted, synthesized and written in a well-structured and easy-to-understand style for our bloggers. The papers are built based on our experience, practical application (we have done these for our site), business knowledge and in-depth research.

Within an hour’s reading you would be as knowledgeable as someone who had conducted hours/days of research on the web.

More importantly, these papers carry business insights to help your business succeed.

After all, your blog is your business!

Each Deep Insight paper is, on average, between 15 and 20 pages and will cover a niche topic extensively. There will be a pdf version and an audio version for sale. We will publish one paper a month. If you are a Blog Success member you will get that month’s Blog Success Deep Insight paper free, as part of your membership.

You decide whether you wish to spend hours/days or ten dollars so that you can focus on the core 20% activities for your blog.

If you are still thinking, then why not download and try out a 100% FREE Blog Success Deep Insight paper today? We guarantee that you will FEEL the difference.

Check out our Deep Insight Papers