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The 2011 Edition featured Web 2.0 (all about social media) and was ranked # 1 free eBook for Bloggers by Mashable!

The internet has since changed considerably. The whole structure and ecosystem of a blog has undergone a major evolution.

This edition of the 100% FREE Authority Black Book focuses on the complete framework of a Blog.

With 20 mins of reading, you will learn EVERYTHING that is required to build a successful blog – from IDEA to SUCCESS

This is Serious stuff. Everyone WILL MUST have a blog. Resumes and point-to-point sales are old school.

You need a blog to:

  • Build a compelling online presence (your digital citizenship)
  • Attract job offers
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Market your consulting services
  • Markets/Sell your products
  • Convert your book into a bestseller
  • Build a network related to your topic of interest
  • Build a passive income-stream
  • Build a real business

Even before a job is conceived, people look up online on Google, LinkedIn to find out “who’s there”?

A blog gives you the BEST chance to be FOUND online.

Check this out: 60% of business have blogs, 77% of internet users read blogs, 81% of US customers buy based on recommendation from their favorite blogs and small businesses that run blogs have seen leads increase by 126%.

It’s high time you had your own blog – your DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP!

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