Blog SEO on a Tight Budget

 by Dana Flannery

Using your blog to its full “pull marketing” potential is free and relatively easy. It comes down to patience, diligence and a touch of cleverness! First you’ll need to learn the fine art of longtail keywording – to get the maximum traffic for your effort. Next it’s about on page and meta data optimisation and internal linking. This is where it’s worthwhile spending if you are going to spend – get someone to put the strategy in place and teach you the basics – the returns will be great because the rest is 100% free!

Exact Match Keywords

Using exact match long tail keywords in each blog helps you to appear on page one for low volume, low competition searches. Exact matching helps you to stay on page one and get that low, steady stream of traffic pulled in to each blog item. This in turn helps each blog to remain indexed and with clever internal linking, to pump up the ” money pages” on your blog. These long tail keywords also help with your blogs overall ” relevance” score.

On page SEO and Meta tag optimisation

The best practice way to optimise each blog entry is:

  • Keyword rich page titles
  • Quality content rich with synonyms, related words and adjectives (LSI keywording)
  • Header and paragraph layout including keywords in each header
  • First and last line keyword mentions
  • A compelling meta description tag advertisement

Directing power to the money page and other internal linking goodies

Assigning each of your blog entries a keyword and keeping a record of those means you can cross reference thoroughly using anchor text. This not only helps each blog to keep ranking for its keyword but gives search engine spiders more ways to find and index old blog entries.

The real goodness comes when you carefully select a few ” money blogs” to direct link power towards. Each blog entry acts as a funnel to pull traffic and SEO link juice to your site. By adding a single link to a relevant money page, you’re passing that on! Always think of internal linking as micro-backlinking and never give up the chance to get yourself a nice anchor text link.

About The Author

Dana Flannery is an SEO Copywriting consultant who specialises in establishing solid SEO beginnings for small and local businesses. She also does Social Media Marketing and branding services at Talk About Creative.

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