Social Media for B2B Marketers


Social Media for B2B Marketers B2B commerce is an underrepresented, underappreciated aspect of business in social media, in the context of tips and advice offered. While typical marketers can find an entire library worth of tips and tricks when it comes to using social media sites to further their cause, the B2B genre sits with lonely, dusty shelves. However, business-to-business commerce is huge online, and the relationships between businesses grow greatly when they can find one another. If … [Read more...]

Seven Impeccable Blog Marketing Strategies


Seven Impeccable Blog Marketing Strategies Applying incredible marketing strategies can generate immense profit. Good marketing plans should always have set targets and measurable means of realizing the targets. However, the baseline to the ultimate success is usually amazing content and powerful promotion. Here are seven practical steps of realizing SEO and social media success with blogs for online marketing. Create Customer Personas Customer oriented blogs are designed in tune with the … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Protect Your Content from Google’s Panda


Google has rolled out several algorithms that are designed to enhance the experience of the average internet user, and rank pages. Google and Panda are the strongest and most capable algorithms which have are constantly being enhanced. As a matter of fact, the fat Panda, which is focused on dealing with low quality and duplicate content, has been updated for over 25 times. In the meantime, the Penguin has also received a major update in 22 May 2013 which has taken the fight against spam to a … [Read more...]

Why do some blogs fail


Why do Some Blogs Fail? Business blogs are famous for being able to generate a lot of marketing and PR. Due to this, most of you had made an effort to start up blogs. While some of you have been able to gain extreme popularity, some have not been able to get a single viewer. There have been cases where blogs were a rage when they came out but simmered down after a while. What is the reason behind this failure? Not an easy task Blogging requires a lot of research and hard work. It is not as … [Read more...]

Cheat Sheet for WP Users: 3-Steps to Stay Away From BotNet

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You must have felt excited and rejuvenated on adopting WordPress for your Website. It is obvious to be excited on setting up an apt website in few minutes. Undoubtedly, you would have mastered this tool for high-end virtual presentation of your business organization. You would also have loved the drag & drop feature and grabbed the attention of millions of social networkers in Facebook as well as in Twitter with its social media integration feature. But, Have you taken all the measures to … [Read more...]

Common Misconceptions of Social Media That Bloggers Have


There are many untruths about what works and what doesn’t work regarding social media and it tends to be bloggers that are unsuccessful. The results of these failings can lead to a fall in reader numbers which can sometimes mean that they won’t ever come back. For blogging to be successful in social media terms the answer does not lie in the huge amount of facebook posts or Tweets, it lies within the ability to develop a strategy which saves time but also has a great return. Here are the top … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?


Social media marketing has become a buzz phrase among Internet-based businesses. It has also become very popular among businesses that have brick-and-mortar establishments within a community. It certainly does have its advantages, but you want to make certain that your expectations are realistic. From a technical standpoint, here are some of the things that you can do to make it as effective as possible and some things you should take into account when you launch a social media marketing … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Get More Guest Posting Opportunities


You know that guest posting is a great way to build links between your site and authoritative sites in your niche. It’s one of the older methods which have held on throughout all of Google’s changes and even with the newest updates, it’s still considered safe, particularly with Google’s push for more content based ranking. But how do you find the best opportunities for guest posting? Some of these are pretty obvious, but some of them are... well, you’ll see! Start from the Start As with … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your Email Sign-up Process and Maximize Subscriptions


In order to make the most of email marketing, there are some specific stars that must be aligned for the business or individual using it. Among those stars is a sign-up process that is designed to convert. This is a critical component because if people are not subscribing, then you have no ammunition to work with, which might tempt you to purchase a list, and that’s one of the worst ideas you can buy into. If you are going to succeed as an email marketer, you need a sign-up process that … [Read more...]

The Best Of Android Apps Every Blogger Must Have

Android blogging applications

The popularity of smart phones is growing in leaps and bounds. People prefer using them because they are convenient, fast and they enable the users to access any information at any time. As the smart phones get more popular, people are also in lookout for new applications that make life and work easy. It’s a fact that smart phone users seldom make the use of conventional; PC’s or laptops. When many functions can be performed by making the use of smart apps, blogging is no exception. If you … [Read more...]