3 Stories That Are Ringing In The New Year

Google, facebook and other big businesses dominate the headlines but here's some new you can use from "the rest of us". I bring you word from the valley, mobile apps, the gift cards and love markets. Facebook's boring anyway, right?   … [Read more...]

How Do Bloggers Get Content Automation Done Right?

Automation, tools and tech, rule social media markets. The game is "look what I can do faster, easier and cooler than you". Some people make money on it, some get nothing at all. Let's look inside some automation game play.     … [Read more...]

Reply Girls: When Video Marketing Gets Ugly


It's ironic because video reply girls make money marketing themselves because they're not ugly at all. If you haven't seen a reply girl on Youtube, you clearly aren't making the best use of your day like I am. Check this episode of the Bored and Beautiful, an unfolding video blogging and marketing story. This was going on all year long. Reports and profiles from popular sites like VICE came along as multiple posts sprouted on the net about the unusual success of reply girls. And with … [Read more...]

WordPress Spring and Re-Theme Change


A good wordpress theme can take a business a LONG way online. It's a standard now that design and business go together. There's going to the deli for your coffee in a paper cup, and then there's boutique $10 hipster coffery. I hate that example, but you get the point. And in the last 30 days or so, Re-Theme Change has been in the air. I wondered ... How do you find your theme? You should try to identify your theme before you ever start looking for a Wordpress theme.  It's a healthy exercise … [Read more...]

All The Women In Social Media Universe In This One Post


You would think I was a feminist with this, that and the other post, featuring women in my posts. What can I say, I love the girls and getting the content is like shopping for bananas, crazy easy. Women in social media are dominating and I've curated the best information to date for women seeking women in social media. To start, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Campaigns like these make women in social media so powerful https://twitter.com/ForbesWoman/status/251359747536736256 The … [Read more...]

“Shortcodes” To Owning Popular Sites Like Blog Success


There was a new sheriff in town (for about 3 1/2 minutes). His name was The Merchant and for a brief time in Blog Success history, he was it's glorious owner. Shortcodes do nifty things with little effort on Wordpress blogs. Well, here's how I shot to the top of this pro blogging site the same way. Let's get "mindset" out of the way I'm not your typical "make money" blogger. I don't promote every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, my mother raised me better than that. Instead I sail the seas … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm’s Surprise Attack, Marketers React


Today, I was consulting on a video marketing related project today and things got real. Rankings for a partner's local videos went down the tubes, and he is speechless. I took to the engines to see what waves this latest algorithm change is making. Google's getting twitchy with search results, video and local marketers included. On The Web Chris Crum quotes other marketers seeing steep increases and decreases to sites who are closely following recent Panda Changes. Google Panda Update: Some … [Read more...]

Videos And Pictures Rule The Day In Internet Marketing


The final word on video marketing, photo sharing, and social media strategies is "Look". Boom, roasted. You should pay me $10,000 now and call it a day. A long while ago, the classic magazine was tuned out by TV and other market conditions. But the power behind the advertising found it's way to the new media. The stats are backing it up with a vengence. Wrap your head around this. The word is loosing it's grip on consumers A greater vice grip now tightens in the form of video, photo, and … [Read more...]

How To Hijack Curiosity And Get Backed By NASA


How does a blog or a small business go from good to great? Is it guest posting? Good PR? Proper monetization? They're great buzzwords but powerful ideas are where the real money's at. One powerful idea makes it all come together and even get the support of NASA or a big agency like them. Launching Curiosity Anyone who lives on their wits knows the first rule, you don't go from good to great unless you know what the shot is. The ambitious merchant eyeballs the market and says, what's my shot at … [Read more...]

Content Marketers, Small Businesses, How Are You Dealing With Obamacare?


Content marketers, the President, and the tax man are all on a collision course as governments try to dig in the pockets of the public to pay for unpopular debts and provisions. We ask, how is the small business community coping with the new America? Kari DePhillips of Content Factory interview on the Schiff Report Kari is no one special. She's a blogger and freelancer from humble beginnings, made some success, and is now a growing part of the new generation of digital small businesses. The … [Read more...]