Domain Age and Google Rankings: Overrated or worth considering?


Domain age is a term which refers to domain name age of any website. It counts on the age of the website along with the amount of time passed since the domain name was registered. SEO is considered to be an important process which helps in improving your website rankings over search engines. Many experts believe that domain age has to be taken into consideration while optimizing your website or any other SEO activities. Also, there is a belief that younger domains produce weaker search … [Read more...]

Stop “Linking In! “BranchOut” is the call of the hour! Really?


When we talk about a professional networking domain, LinkedIn is the only name we recall. LinkedIn has been popular for years for providing a common place for finding people with similar professional goals and to engage with them. Facebook, after proving its dominance in social networking, has tried its hand in creating a platform for professionals. “BranchOut” as it is named, offers plenty of good features for its users. Let’s find out why you should take a look at BranchOut. What’s … [Read more...]