All The Women In Social Media Universe In This One Post

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You would think I was a feminist with this, that and the other post, featuring women in my posts. What can I say, I love the girls and getting the content is like shopping for bananas, crazy easy. Women in social media are dominating and I've curated the best information to date for women seeking women in social media.

To start, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Campaigns like these make women in social media so powerful

The other day, Yael turns to me (figuratively on Twitter), and just comes right out and says, "Touch some boobs!" What's a grown young man like me to do?

Of course, I had to sign up and take the pledge to touch some boobs.

And damnit, so should you.

Women Worldwide

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Every Woman, Every Child, A United Nations Initiative

"... an unprecedented global movement, spearheaded by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to mobilize and intensify global action to improve the health of women and children around the world."

Yea, the United Nations clearly sees something in being ahead of the women-in-mainstream wave. Unless ... now that the power's shifting ... the Secretary-General is actually being held against his will and Mrs. Secretary General is running the show. Hmm ...

Boobs across Europe

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Miriam Freudenberg: Why 10,000 women support the Istanbul Convention


“The campaign heavily relied on networking and social media,” she says. “This convention is a landmark to end violence towards women. Women activists are very happy and it deserves to get a lot of attention and support.”

This is not simply a women's movement, it's a social media revolution event. Like it's counterpart revolutions in the Middle East, it is driven via Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest.

(Yes, I did say boobs. But we're taking it back, right ladies? :) )

In the homeland

#whchat, equal futures, women in stem fields, women in social media

Office Hours on Equal Futures: Empowering Women and Girls


"For the United States, these commitments include new efforts to expand opportunity for women and girls in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields ..."

Not to be outdone, the United States seeks to add to the international effort, also appealing to social media, conducting White House Chats on Twitter.

On Youtube

Top 3 Mistakes Women Make In Business

  • Who am I to play big?
  • I can't ... I have children
  • We do not have training ...

Kim Flynn steers professional women back in the right lane.

Lena West, Influence Expansion TribeUpNYC

You want to talk about powerful women ...

Lena West has no sympathy if you don't want the same success she wants for you.

Best speech at TribeupNYC (the only woman?).

Jill Layfield, Not Your Average CEO

"View the world a little less full of obstacles and full of opportunity"

Jill more than doubled the revenue for in about a year from becoming CEO.

On Twitter, LinkedIn, And More

Why women in business are flocking to Twitter chat - CNN

"A growing number of women in business are flocking to Twitter for real-time advice, support and networking. Twitter chats are allowing women in the world of work -- from young business owners to females in the C-suite to mompreneurs and more ..."

With all the stats you'll find on Twitter and the rest from this blog and other, you have to assume these days that half or even more than half are women, from teens to professionals, sometimes even retired seniors. There's a lot of connecting to be done. on Twitter

women of influence, women, business, networking groups

"North American community dedicated to advancing professional women through events, programs & media designed to inspire, inform, connect & engage. Join today"

Check out the groups they've put together for Twitter networking

These wont be the only groups you can find. I suggest using these two group to find a ton more from profiles and links you like and vibe with. Do a little digging. We know women are very diverse and beautiful people, kinda like us guys. In the right groups, women do amazing things.

LinkedIn Professional Women's Network, Powered By Citi

linkedin women's groups, profesional women's groups, networking for women, women's business support

LinkedIn has been making lots of headlines in traffic news. New updates, growth, and new attention have brought the network back into the spotlight. Brand new network. Same as the old network. It's all about making those connections.

On Facebook?

Here's the thing ... more people are signed up there than exist, right?

Right, so let's just assume everyone you can think of is there and move on to hear from Facebook's Anointed Woman on The Valley Girl Show

"Sandberg gives great advice to women in business and discusses the impact that Facebook is having on people's lives, including her own.

In addition to being the COO of Facebook, Sandberg currently sits on the boards of Starbucks and Disney"

What about Pinterest?

women in pinterest, women in social media, pinterest marketing

Nuff' said, right?

Okay, there's this too.

Well, were done now

Yea, that's all for this post. I know ... "typical man". There's plenty of women in social media content I left out, but let this be one of many platforms to come check out, leave comments and links, and connect to all the professional women and networking groups I left out. It doesn't have to end, here. Call me? (maybe)


  1. well, in our defense, there were only 5 speakers in total at the TribeUpNYC :-)

    • No defense needed, Lena West is a powerful woman and also, Triberr's packed with a diversity of women in social media.

    • No defense needed, Lena West is a powerful woman and also, Triberr's packed with a diversity of women in social media.


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