6 Affiliate Marketing Steps To Make Money With Your Blog This 2013

So you really want to make money blogging?

Most people find it very difficult to succeed at affiliate marketing. When I started marketing on the internet, I didn’t have a product of my own. And I had no plans to create one.

I also discovered the easiest way to earn a living online – which is by promoting affiliate products that are helpful, hot and pay good commissions. It sounds simple at the surface, but the steps to make it real aren’t readily available on thousands of blogs.

In this post, I want to quickly help you identify what’s important for bloggers who desire to generate income promoting other people’s product. Listed below are 6 simple steps to get started:

1. Set up a professional blog

The first step is to set up a blog that can attract potential buyers easily. A professional blog usually starts with an “objective.” If you miss out on this step, every other activity would be in vain.

If you look around, 85% of bloggers who generate affiliate income through their blogs are well packaged – their blogs are catchy and speaks for professionalism.

Nothing can discourage real buyers, but your blog that looks crappy. Don’t even go for a free blogging platform – it’s a waste of time.

In other words, make sure you register your own domain name and get a web hosting account. Free blogger.com and wordpress.com can’t help you no matter how hard you work.

2. Write 10 evergreen content

Once your blog is ready, easy to navigate and attractive, the next step is to engage your target audience with quality blog posts.

However, you’ll have to conduct indepth research on your niche. This way your content can align with people’s needs and solve their problems.

I’d recommend that you begin with 10 evergreen content. By “evergreen” I’m talking about blog posts and video clips that can’t become irrelevant quickly.

Before potential buyers can feel comfortable buying from you, there must be benefit for them. And this 10 ever-valuable content will act as your pillar.

Don’t use any form of tricks or B.S. on your pillar content.

You should focus more on inbound marketing; where your blog content would eventually attract buyers without you running after them. In fact, that’s the real juice of blogging and affiliate marketing.

3. Narrow your niche

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or internet marketer, you’ll need to narrow your niche. A lot of people make the mistake of targeting a very large audience.

It can be difficult to reach millions of people, especially when you’ve a tight marketing budget.

Here’s a typical example: Would you rather consult a Mechanic who’s a Car Specialist, or a Mechanic that also repairs Motorcycles, Lorries and other automobiles?

I’m sure you want an expert. If someone is an expert in Car Repairs then he must be really good. I’m sure he’d be better than a jack-of-all-trade Mechanic who has no specific specialty.

It’s the same thing with niche marketing. You must decide on a specific niche because that will be your hub. Affiliate marketing can be a lot easier if your niche is narrow, and very hot.

4. Search for affiliate offers

If you’ve read through to step 4, then I must commend you. At this point, you’ll need to search for affiliate offers.

It’s pretty straight forward because you’ve narrowed your niche. You could register with Clickbank, CJ, shareasale and several other third-party affiliate networks.

It’s important that you observe the Gravity of each affiliate product you select. If the gravity is below 50 on clickbank, please don’t waste your time on such an offer. Because there are few affiliate agents; the product isn’t converting into sales as well.

Keep searching for profitable product to monetize your blog. Focus on the niche you’re blogging on. It’d make a lot of sense if you stick to your passion – so you don’t burn out quickly.

5. Create a landing page

Creating a landing page can be easy if your blog is using wordpress CMS. There are various landing page generators & plugins you could use – the purpose is to separate this page from the main blog. It can boost your sales on the long-run.

Because with this unique page, you’ll be collecting email leads of potential buyers and blog readers. The tactic is to first send people through your optin-page. Then after converting them into customers, you will channel them back to your blog.

The sole purpose of a landing page is to build your email list. You’ve often heard that “the money is in the list.” That’s not totally true because you may have 10,000 subscribers and still be broke.

It’s the relationship you build with subscribers gradually that would result in high conversion rates. Keep reading…

6. Monetize your list

Monetizing a blog is quite different from monetizing a list. The big difference is this: people who read your blog aren’t so targeted to buy from you.

They’re still strangers. But your email subscribers have taken a bold step and joined your list. Indirectly, they’ve made known their needs and given you permissions to send them valuable, exclusive content and helpful products as well.

There is nothing wrong when you monetize your list members. Just be patient and build the friendship; relate with them personally. Then take it up from there.

Don’t be desperate to make money and run away. It doesn’t work like that with email marketing. As an affiliate, you’re the middle man between potential buyers and product owners.

Don’t take this privilege for granted. Share as much valuable information about the product you’re promoting.

Affiliate takeaway

This New Year, if you can challenge yourself to work hard and smart, you could start generating $1000+ from affiliate marketing, through a responsive email list.

I know it works because I’m currently using this exact tactic on my blog. I have a landing page, an email list, a hot affiliate product and a professional blog.

That’s what you should have as well. Take action today and see you at the top. Happy New Year to you!

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