5 Tips for Making Your Site Pop on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great resource for internet marketers… If you can use it right. There are many advantages to Pinterest. It is easy to incorporate into your site, for one, because it doesn’t have to be at all. Two, it uses images to bring people in, which is very, very effective. And three, you don’t need tons of content to get people interested… via the whole image thing. So, all in all, it is pretty perfect. But how do you harness all this raw potential? Well, here are five tips to make your site really pop on Pinterest.

1. Infographics–Remember what I said about everything being visual here? This is when those expensive and time consuming infographics you made will really pay off. People love to see patterns and complex ideas in easy to understand visual ways. Make it bright, make it creative, make it informative, and they will pin.

 2. Humor–This is one of the biggest hits on Pinterest, and, really, anywhere in the social networking community. Humor is a great tool to get people to share, repost, repin, like, or follow, whatever the case may be. All it takes is a great image and a clever caption and you’ve got yourself a hit.


3. Kids and Pets–Babies and animals have always been a draw. You really can’t go wrong with an adorable picture like that on your site. The only warning I’ll give you is to make sure your site is appropriate for that audience. You really don’t want a bunch of mom’s being redirected into porno, right?

4. Creative – Here is one place where creativity is rewarded. An interesting picture is truly worth a thousand words. If you make them look twice, or, better yet, click to make it bigger, you can make them click one more time and come to your site. Get creative, think outside the box, and drag them in.



5. Beautiful–Pretty things work. If you can get pretty pictures on your site, you’ve taken a solid first step into the world of Pinterest. Don’t just let it stop there; make sure they can find out how to recreate the beauty. It might be fashion, gardening, decorating, or art; whatever it is, make sure you know what you’re talking about. That’s how Pinterest started, you know, as a learning and collection tool for the creative.

These seem like simple concepts, but simple things work. Just look at Pinterest. Who would have ever thought a way to collect pictures would become such a huge hit? Now, don’t you wish you had thought of it first? Don’t dismiss the simple, the pretty, the cute, or the funny. They pay off. Happy Pinning!



  1. Thanks for sharing the realty of Pinterest.

  2. Thank you for the ideas! I love Pinterest myself but don't see a lot of traffic to my blog from it. I will try to follow these tips.

    • RE the first pic: You know I've held questions for that 2-4pm timeslot simply because I get more answers.
      These suggestions would be good for any business as well.


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