5 things you need to do to get customers from LinkedIn


Social Networking sites have been booming over the past decade.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all been able to establish extremely vast networks. Facebook alone already has over a billion members!

These social media sites are commonly used for personal agendas and not for business profiling as much. You’re more likely to see pictures of dogs, cats, monkeys and guinea pigs on your news feed than of resumes. Simply put, most people want to keep Facebook about their own lives outside of work.

One may wonder how social media, a medium hosting an enormous network, can be utilized to enhance clientele and search for potential customers. This is where LinkedIn comes in.

LinkedIn is one definitely underrated Social Networking site.

Unlike the more mainstream sites however, this one is designed to enhance your professional profile. In fact, it is host to a huge network of professionals of varying ages, nations and industries. LinkedIn is for the business community. So how can we can tap into this resource and increase clients? Let's find out what it takes to be successful in LinkedIn.

1. Optimize your profile.

Let those whacky pictures of yours stay on Facebook and Instagram. On LinkedIn, it is best to show the world your serious-business-only side. So make sure to pin a picture that proposes dignity, respect and formality. Put on display a record of your portfolio so your visitors will get a good glimpse of who you are and the brand that you carry. Creating a clean, direct to the point profile will get you a long way.

2. Think of LinkedIn is an extension of your brand.

Whatever information you supply on your profile will define who and what your brand is. Keep in mind that your profile is a reflection of your company. So bring out your best foot forward and impress your profile visitors with a list of your achievements, brand awards and anything else that sheds light on how well founded your brand is.

linkedin relationship building3. Build a relationship.

In school we were taught good values such as working hard. What they didn’t teach us was the importance of connections. Ponder on this for a minute; if you were being sold a car by a stranger would you be so quick to trust him? Now let’s say the exact same car was being sold to you at the same instance only this time by a friend. Of course we will all choose to buy from someone we actually know and have a relationship with. It is the same principle in business and you must apply it as an active member of LinkedIn. With such a vast network, the opportunities to meet prospect clients are infinite! So reach out, join LinkedIn groups and engage discussions. Make friends, build trust and business will follow.

4. Update Regularly

Investing time on your LinkedIn profile is definitely worth it! Keep tabs on your clients and clients-to-be find out the latest happenings in their company or organization, and they will applaud you for it. This works both ways. Your viewers also want to be updated on what you’re brand is up to. Newly updated profiles are always given highlight so the more updated you are the more opportunities you will get to entice potential clients.

5. Advertise on LinkedIn.

Advertising is one of the most traditional yet effective ways of marketing a brand. LinkedIn provides you with the option to place advertisements on DirectAds. Ads can run up to 30 days and they are not very costly. So be sure to check it out, though it offers no promises, advertising has been proven to work.

So there you have it! Optimize your profile, think of LinkedIn as an extension of your brand, build relationships, update on a regular basis and advertise. Do these simple steps and your connections will inevitably build up!

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+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Project Management at Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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