5 Reasons You Will Fail As A Blogger

5 Top Reasons you will fail As A Blogger?

Maintaining a blog in growth is a complex task, which if not placed under the common sense of marketing managers, it can become another issue of concern for businesses and their achievements in social media.

Getting driving qualified traffic to your blog, it is of great importance, especially if you want to have a successful blog. Yet, getting loyal visitors is more important for best results. To reach your goals, it is necessary to have the greatest of visitors earning rewards and turning those visitors into loyal readers and followers of your work. And by the way if it is your intention to generate a good income, you might want to avoid the most common mistakes why you may fail as a blogger.

Once you've created your articles, pages, your bio, etc. you have to give a certain degree of visibility to your blog:

1. If you forget about links, this will just lead to frustration. You have to generate external links to drive traffic to your blog. You need to expose about the benefits that you offer to your visitors with your articles and tips. The blogosphere is so large that in order to make your site visible you require following a series of steps. You need to generate a number of links to your site to get traffic from various sources and automatically.

2. Avoid a messy design and be consistent. The first thing is to be consistent with your items, is having an attractive blog with quality content for you once you receive the traffic through the various sites. This way, your visitors will stay longer and follow you. When management solutions are properly implemented, this is amazing! Be in control of updates and take charge of the blog. You don’t want to give a wrong impression, right? Stay away from flash deals and animations, the wrong personality full of structural concepts for blogs are useless. Instead, top sites are run by characters released wisely, this will bring you closer to the user. This approach is more likely to be victorious in the resolution of specific issues.

3. Not establishing your niche is a huge mistake. For instance, the publication of a business blog is an excellent choice as a strategy to carry out the marketing of experiences and capture new leads. This serves as an exhaust visions, perspectives and needs of consumers, and becomes great, since it boosts personalization. But, if not done properly, it can become a nightmare.

4. Lack of Killer content. This is the so-called extraordinary content or "high quality", which responds to the law of supply and demand, because if the product that is offered is unique, its value rises. This situation clearly refers to hard work, you need to know and identify the requirements of readers, accompanied by effort, quality, skills and above all perseverance.

5. Having laziness in terms of monitoring the evolution of blog topics. If not done, you will hardly achieve what you want. In case you didn’t know, the repetition and return to a last post helps tremendously to complete information and refine the details, showing stages of each subject, from which the reader can jump from one to another as you please.

Believing that everyone browsing the blog needs to buy is absolutely wrong. The audience may be totally different to the target that is handled, but surely there is a potential customer public, or it can be in front of the person responsible for making purchasing decisions. The lack of time and dedication is certain death for a blog; this will give the impression of abandonment. Beware, because in an effort to avoid falling into the "abandonment", you may fall for poor quality content.

This means little inspiration for a company that may mean strong retaliation from their consumers. Thinking that the blog is about sales can be deadly, as a focus on problems, dreams and desires of consumers, under a system of questions and answers will probably work much better.

If you are not willing to receive harsh criticism then you are lost. Be open and flexible to comments. Avoid deleting reviews and so on. Instead, take a deep breath and interact with individuals properly. Not taking into account the social voice is different to the mission and vision of the company. Focus on things and not people. Make smart choices and ensure a positive result. Use the blog as the ideal way to achieve results of surveys and polls; you don’t want to annoy users, right?

Allowing blog posts to look fake is not good. This cannot be used as excuses to failures in customer service, it is totally wrong. Remember that this is another type of media, unlike Facebook or Twitter where it is possible to make clarifications to consumers in real time. If you do not have a space for comments, this may appear to be suspicious. Why are you managing a blog if you aren’t willing to invest some time and effort? Respond comments on a timely manner and remain patient.

Not spending time to thank your readers may decrease the number of followers. It is necessary to give recognition to readers. You will be amazed on the many benefits that are attached to this. Some bloggers don’t even invite the reader to participate. Why posting content that is private and without allowing a third part to contribute? You can clearly benefit from this approach, especially since you can gain allies. There are people who work in the company, so let them take part, they may be good writers. Consider the latest trends in terms of technology. Stay away from Black SEO techniques and unpredictable schedules for your publications. Draw a clear schedule.

Wrapping it up, make sure you implement top of the line solutions. Remind consumers about your latest updates. It is always good to make a clear policy of communication in social media. This should be as clear as possible to be understood and implemented by employees, all under a unified project.

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