4 Viable Monetization Strategies for Your New Blog

Now that you been making regular posts, you probably have some regular viewers now and a steady stream of traffic. So now you're wondering how you can profit from all of your hard work. Well, you're in luck because there are plenty of different ways a healthy blog can generate revenue. We are going to take a look at 4 easy ways to make money from your blog.

Paid Advertisements

The most common way to start easily making money from your blog is to insert advertisements within your blog. Usually those ads are in a side bar, or a little area within the content. You really want to make sure that your advertisements don't get in the way of your user's experience because if your audience becomes annoyed with the advertisements, they might decide to stop visiting your site. You should also wait until your blog has a good amount of traction and content before implementing advertisements. If your brand new blog has advertisements all over it, but not enough content, it is going to look bad and your audience might think your content is made strictly for profit purposes.

So, once you have made the decision to implement the Ad strategy, you will need to make sure that the advertisements are related to your blog's niche and that your audience would actually find some value in them. A lot of advertisement programs, such as Google Adsense, will automatically find advertisements to post in your niche that would be good for your audience. If you decide to find your own advertisers, just make sure they are related to your blog and that you have a clear contract with them about payments.

Affiliate Programs

Becoming an affiliate with a website and then offering products to your audience is an incredible way to make a big chunk of money. After a while, you will start to connect with your audience. They will trust you and you will know what they want, what they like, and how to get them to react. So for example, you are an affiliate with Amazon and your blog's niche is about cooking. You could easily find a great product to offer them on Amazon, they buy it and you get commissions off of each sale. Not only are you profiting, but your audience is getting products they can actually enjoy and will thank you for the recommendation.

Membership Levels

Another popular method of getting a steady stream of money from your blog is to just add a premium level access for other content or anything you can offer your viewers. This way, there is still the free aspect of your blog to keep your audience coming and to continue to attract newer viewers, but then if they want to pay a monthly subscription, they will get access to another part of your site. Depending on what niche you are actually in will determine what you might be offering. You could offer content, special programs, guides, tutoring sessions, and anything else you can think of. If you can find a way to make this model work for your blog, it is the best way to get incredible incomes and be able to get it on a monthly basis.

Self Made Informational Products

Self made products can be really easy to sell to an audience that already trusts you. It does take a lot of time and effort, but in the end, could get you a large amount of money. If you decide you wanted to write a E-book about your niche that includes much more value than your regular blog posts, then you could easily offer it on your blog as a premium guide. If it is successful, you could even go as far as promoting it outside of your blog and trying to have it published on E-book sales websites.

There are plenty of other strategies you could take to make your blog profitable for you, but these 4 are some popular and easy ways of getting started. Once you get the hang of profiting from your blog, you will find the best strategy for your audience.

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