3 Ways Of Playing In Traffic With Trends

Let's think about trends and creating traffic pulling content today. I pulled positive results playing around with trends, and they contributed to lasting effects. I curate a theme on my site. I have to find fresh content a couple times a week to determine what to blog about. So how do I approach it?

I try to go where the people go

Journalists asked a famous bank robber in the 20's "Why banks, Wille?" He said "that's where the money is". Do likewise. Go where the people go.

As a professional blogger, you're trying to hit it big in some market, some where. Blogging is social media marketing, and so I'm sure the geeks on Google have talked you to death about "getting social". It's much simpler than that. Your words just need to land in a crowded area to be seen or be heard.

Find fresh content in the news

A famous copywriting legend says "Read what people read. There is your market".

Did you see John McCain scream for bombs over Syria a couple weeks ago? What a jerk, right? I call him "Johnny Rockets", feel free to make that a trending topic and credit the Merchant Of New York City. The point is, today's headlines is a great place to start content curation.

These are broadly appealing subjects. Everyone's watching it or talking about it. People you know may even be involved in it. It's in these scenarios, you can begin content curation for your blogs. At the very least, you begin to develop an eye for what to blog about and where your market's minds are at.

Your friends know what to blog about

A famous mother from New York says to a kid who can't find his keys, "If it had hands, it would slap you in the face."

Talk to them or see what their up to online. Chances are they've shared or critiqued something. Not a person with a Twitter or Facebook or Google account can resist it. And that something could be yet another trend to find and tap into fresh content. Take notes, mental images, whatever floats your boat.

The more specific, unique, and genuinely interested you are with what you pull, the better this all works out for you. That goes without saying. But I said it anyway. Don't overlook too many things. Be just a little bit more curious. Go for quality. Always be thinking.

Important thoughts about trends and content creation

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The takeaway

If you just take in those three points of action, you can platform across the web like Frogger for content. Best case scenario is you'll end up finding friends talking about the news at a place where all the people go. Get it? Then you just observe and report. Honestly, doing a little bit of this every other day has me more content ideas than I can possibly handle alone. So try it out. Now. Go. Playing in traffic with trends is fun, just look both ways before you cross.

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